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The TV show Sliders may be coming to an end, but the series will live on in the alternate reality called It’s one of the best Sliders sites on this (or any other) Earth.

Reaching the end of its fifth and final season early next year, Cleavant Derricks discusses his work playing the one remaining original slider, Rembrandt Brown. He discusses his favorite episode, losing lead actors and his hopes that it may one day return.

As Slider Quinn Mallory, Jerry O’Connell came to a sticky end at the start of the final season, but he’s pulled himself together and joined the crew of Brain De Palma’s Mission to Mars.

“It’s the same year and you’re the same person…” Or are you? As Sliders faces its final run, change is in the air…

The charismatic Tembi Locke has brightened up our screens for Sliders fifth season as the brilliant physicist Diana Davis. Xpose met with the actress during filming in Los Angeles.

Meet the two new TV heroes jumping between alternate worlds.

Jerry O’Connell may have been disintegrated mid-slide, but his newcomer is bound to win his own army of fans. Xpose chats to Robert Floyd, who plays Mallory.

Tembi Locke and Robert Floyd discover their own alternate reality.

Yes it’s back — but there have been some changes! The Sliders emerge through the wormhole for their fifth season, but without two of their number. Executive producer Bill Dial briefs us on the new regular characters, and previews the upcoming episodes.

The only remaining original Slider looks back over four years of parallel worlds, and forward to a fifth season of exploration and adventure.

Despite the departure of cast regulars John Rhys-Davies and Sabrina Lloyd, and a change of networks in America, Sliders has continued to evolve.

It’s a different world for Sliders on Sci-Fi Channel.

Mrs. O’Connell, the mother of Sliders stars Jerry and Charlie, is a very happy woman.

Executive Producer David Peckinpah on rebuilding.

Universal slides Fox’s cancelled SF show into a berth on its own Sci-Fi Channel.

The unofficial leader of the parallel-Earth hopping explorers, Jerry O’Connell talks about trying to do every single job in front of and behind the camera for the latest season of Sliders.

In its fourth year, Sliders is really taking off. Producer Marc Scott Zicree tells Xpose how he feels about the show’s progress.

As Sliders explores the Sci-Fi Channel, Kari Wuhrer remains lost in the dimensions.

Jerry O’Connell explores worlds on both sides of the camera.

When Professor Arturo bit the dust towards the end of Season Three, a new Slider took his place. Now firmly established as an integral part of the team, Kari Wuhrer explains the attraction of playing ex-marine Maggie Beckett, the new season of the show and working with the new boy, Charlie O’Connell.

The Sliders get a second life in this dimension thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel.

Jerry O’Connell and company slide into a new season on the Sci-Fi Channel.

A new slider, and one who is a relation on-screen and in real life, Charlie O’Connell.

Saved from oblivion by the Sci-Fi Channel, Sliders will soon be back on TV screens. Lead actor Jerry O’Connell explains how his role has become active behind the cameras too. Plus, Jerry talks about playing Neve Campbell’s boyfriend in Wes Craven’s horror hit Scream 2!

As the latest season of Sliders receives its world premiere on Sky 1, we talk to series creator Tracy Tormé.