Comic Reviews


Call Me “Mom” (Sliders Comics: Deadly Secrets).

I’ve oft repeated that the design of these comics is to show what can’t be shown. To tell the stories that can’t be told. Usually, this is because they couldn’t tell these stories with the budget available. In this case, though, the story couldn’t be told simply because they didn’t want to tell it. Because this is […]

I Will Make You Lords & Kings (Sliders Comics: Blood & Splendor).

So here we have what, in theory, is a holy grail: a comic that based directly on a treatment for an episode of the show that couldn’t be filmed due to budgetary restrictions. I mean, in theory (a different theory), that’s what all of these comics are supposed to be. But this one, as the story […]

That Carrot Was Organic (Sliders Comics: Narcotica).

Now here we have some trouble: a story that not only is Sliders first attempt to deal with DRUGS, and the debut of Jerry O’Connell as a ‘creative’ force on the show. Yep, J.O’C. himself wrote the script for this comic. Which sounds terrifying, and I admit that (especially since a lot of these comics […]

Spite, Rage, Desire, Strife (Sliders Comics: Darkest Hour).

Big ideas, y’all. That’s the name of the game here. Where we had sort of pretty alright ideas in the first two comic stories (or more accurately we had a good idea in “Rapture,” and we had a bad idea in “Armada” [okay, fine, a race of two-dimensional people is a good idea, but “Armada” […]

I Book My Own Gigs (Sliders Comics: Armada).

So guys, two things: First, I’m a cartoonist. Did y’all know that? I make comic books. This blog is what I do when I’m not making comic books (or making coffee because, y’know, recession). So the fact that there are Sliders comic books is totally great. My two worlds! Combining! Far out! Second: wait, there […]

Review: Get a Life

With “Get a Life,” we’ve hit the mother lode. Not only is it a complete, unpublished script, but it’s also a shout out to us, the obsessed fans who just can’t let it go.

Review: Deadly Secrets

We’re dealing with two plots — one driven by Wade and one centered on the evils of unfettered capitalism. Sound familiar? It should. It’s “Season’s Greedings” in space. Given the gap between the show and the comics team at this point, it seems unlikely one hand knew what the other was doing. Still, it’s shocking that both mediums would write more or less the same story with the same beats independent of each other.

Review: Blood and Splendor

This had the makings of something huge. We were going to get our hands on what was being called a ‘lost’ script, something “too wild and too expensive” to be shown on TV. Unfettered by television restraints, what did we get? A lot of blood, a little splendor, and a whole bunch of crazy.

Review: Darkest Hour

Unlike some previous entries, “Darkest Hour” succeeds in balancing the needs for comic book action with strong character development. The pacing is just right, there’s time for thoughtful reflection, and and the drama is not necessarily in what’s happening at the moment, but what might happen as our heroes sink deeper and deeper into darkness.

Review: Narcotica

The America of “Narcotica” is indeed twisted; the War on Drugs is over, and drugs won. They are not only legal, they’re mandatory; food is tainted with performance enhancers or worse, and the same is about to happen to the water supply unless — surprise, surprise! — our four can stop it.

Review: Ultimatum

If you’ve got a winning formula, there’s no reason to stray from it. Sliders has a winning formula — and “Ultimatum” executes it better than any other comic.

Review: Armada

Free of his shackles, co-creator Tracy Tormé sends his four anti-heroes into their most daring and over-the-top adventure yet. Paced like a Michael Bay movie, “Armada” continuously raises the ante, putting its stars in ever increasing and improbable jeopardy, all the while blowing up as many things as possible.