Season 2


Into the Mystic

The intrepid quartet lands in a world mired in mysticism and superstition, all ruled by a mysterious entity known as The Sorcerer.

Time Again and World

After witnessing a grisly murder, Wade entangles herself in a vast government conspiracy when the same events begin to play out on the next world.

El Sid

When Quinn rescues a beautiful young woman in distress on a world ruled by violence, her homicidal boyfriend, swearing vengeance for an imagined slight, follows the sliders through the vortex.

Love Gods

In a world where germ warfare has exterminated most of the male population, Quinn, Rembrandt, and Arturo discover that they’ve been pegged as runaway “breeders,” and every nation of the world wants to capture them.

The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy

In a world where Texas rules most of North America, Quinn finds himself at the center of some highly unorthodox corporate raiding when a gunfight earns him a reputation for being quick on the draw.

As Time Goes By

The sliders find themselves in a perplexing situation: each time they slide into a new world, they encounter the same people as in the previous world. One of the people is Quinn’s long-lost love Daelin, who seems to be heading for a fate that only Quinn can prevent.

Gillian of the Spirits

When a bizarre accident separates Quinn from the rest of the Sliders, the only hope for the remaining trio is to put their faith in a troubled young girl with a history of hearing voices — and an ability to communicate with spirits.


When the Sliders land in a world dominated by psychics, Wade encounters the man of her dreams, a powerful seer who may have loved Wade in a different life.


The Sliders encounter a vicious race of technologically advanced aliens who hold a nasty surprise for the quartet — they can slide at will, and intend to conquer every Earth in the dimensional spectrum.

Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome

The Sliders finally land in the one place that none of them wants to leave — home — but Quinn is the only one that has doubts about their good fortune. Meanwhile, Arturo hatches a plan to use Quinn’s discoveries to win a Nobel prize, regardless of the cost to the rest of his traveling companions.

In Dino Veritas

The sliders find themselves face-to-jaw with an extremely large (and angry) beast when they lose Quinn and the timer, in a San Francisco that’s been developed as a game preserve — for dinosaurs.


In a U.S. where Prohibition was never repealed, the Sliders find themselves embroiled in a vicious struggle among warring organized-crime families, corrupt government officials, and dedicated G-men — one of whom looks exactly like Rembrandt.

The Young and the Relentless

Quinn and Wade run afoul of their married doubles, who work together as cutthroat software executives on a world where youth rules.