Season 5


The Unstuck Man

Colin is lost and Quinn is merged with his fraternal double when a scientist working on combining dimensions traps the Sliders in part of his scheme.

Applied Physics

Mallory and Quinn begin to fight for dominance in one body, and Diana’s attempts to stabilize them unleashes an unexpected side effect — the anchoring of her mentor Dr. Geiger in another world. She and Geiger then team up to change the life of Diana’s double for the better, but Geiger has another agenda in mind.

Strangers and Comrades

The Sliders find themselves trapped on Purgatory, an asteroid with a military garrison protecting a mysterious bounty that could liberate Rembrandt’s world.

The Great Work

The Sliders help a monastery safeguard records which chronicle its civilization.

New Gods for Old

When Mallory is paralyzed escaping from a anti-nanotech society, his only salvation lies on a similar world where that nanotech has been embraced for its communal properties and healing powers.

Please Press One

Maggie is kidnapped by a corporate conglomerate that controls all food, shelter and clothing through individual data codes.

A Current Affair

Maggie is accused of having a steamy affair with the President in order to distract the public from a war with Switzerland.

The Java Jive

On a world where even red meat has a Prohibition, Rembrandt steps in as a jazz singer in a notorious speakeasy after his crooked cop double kills the owner’s pianist.

The Return of Maggie Beckett

Maggie’s feeling’s for her father are tested when she lands on a world where her double was a famous astronaut… and her father is responsible for covering up her death.

Easy Slider

Mallory becomes romantically involved with the leader of a rebel biker faction that is waging war over their ability to ride polluting motorcycles.


When Rembrandt is contacted by long-lost Slider Wade, the Sliders follow her trail to a Kromagg compound that is using the human brain as computers to launch a deadly assault on Kromagg Prime.

Map of the Mind

Diana literally loses her mind on an Earth where all artists are imprisoned and their brains surgically altered.

A Thousand Deaths

A layover on a world immersed in entertainment turns deadly when Diana and Maggie are abducted and forced to participate in virtual reality simulations where they experience death over and over.

Heavy Metal

When the timer malfunctions and throws the Sliders into the middle of the Pacific, they must befriend a pirate crew to return to the mainland and slide from inside the timer’s radius.

To Catch a Slider

The Sliders scheme to steal a precious gem in a desperate bid to repair the malfunctioning timer.


The Sliders are shocked to find the Chandler Hotel a part of an archaeological dig beneath a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles desert.

Eye of the Storm

Diana’s final confrontation with Doctor Geiger on a fragment of a world leads to a startling revelation – he has the ability to split Quinn from Mallory.

The Seer

The Sliders discover they are the subjects of a fanatical religion known as Slidology, founded by a man with psychic powers who has been able to follow them on their interdimensional adventures in his mind.