Casting Sheet: “Colonel Bad Guy”

Posted: December 04, 2012

It’s the end of 1996, and Sliders is casting the recurring villain that will take the show through the end of the season. What kind of list does David Peckinpah and Alan Barnette scan through when deciding who will take up the mantle of this new nemesis? Will they be a genre actor, a Hollywood icon, or a rocker?

Can you imagine Jerry Lewis running around sucking the brain fluid from air force pilots at the Mission Inn? Sliders production did, thank to John A. Aiello Casting. Below you’ll find the one-sheet idea list for what the show had bravely named “Colonel Bad Guy.” Click on it to enlarge the image.

5 responses to “Casting Sheet: “Colonel Bad Guy””

  1. Joe Hawkins says:

    William Devane would have been great in the role. Stacey Keach? I don’t know. He looks too funny and can’t see him as a bad ass but Devane would have nailed it.

  2. Avilos says:

    Interesting. Its gives insight on how this type of stunt casting is done. Obviously they don’t write a character like this with one person in mind.

  3. pete5125 says:

    Watch Titus, Keach can pull off evil, William Devane would be good as well, what about Gary Busey, still why would you have him played by 2 diffrent actors in one season, was the budget that bad

  4. Ian McDuffie says:


  5. Surf Dance Chris says:

    Interesting that Neil Dickson isn’t on this list.

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