Odds and Ends


Warehouse 13 – “QED”

Read Matt and Mike’s “Warehouse 13” writing sample, which sends Myka and Pete off in pursuit of the dimension-hopping van once owned by Richard Feynman.

The Original “Easy Slider”

For those of you wondering how “Easy Slider” started with Kari in leather but never featured her in anything but dowdy dungarees, Janet Saunders’ pitch about a Maggie romance – complete with polygamy! – might fill in some of the blanks.

Casting Sheet: “Maggie”

The role of Maggie Beckett, aka The Recurring Air Force Girl, was cast toward the end of 1996. Inside you’ll find the idea list John A. Aiello and Dino Ladki submitted to ​Sliders​ executive producers David Peckinpah and Alan Barnette for the part.