Season 2 Reviews


Review: Into the Mystic

Maybe it’s nostalgia — “Into the Mystic” is the first episode of “Sliders” I watched from start to finish — but today I enjoy this episode every time I see it.

Review: Time Again and World

“Time Again and World” is too riddled with mistakes to be considered adequate. It pains me to do it, but I can’t in good faith give it two stars. Somebody hire an editor and try again.

Review: El Sid

I’d like to accuse this episode of not being well thought out, but that’s not true. The storyline is coherent; it’s just boring.

Review: Love Gods

While it may be fun to fantasize about being among the last men on earth, the events leading to that situation are so far-fetched that you’re not likely going to put a lot of thought into it after the episode is done. While there are attempts to bring in additional sub-arcs, such as the effects on monogamy, everything happens in such a rush that nothing becomes fully developed.

Review: The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy

When all is said and done, “The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy” just isn’t that compelling. Tormé himself admits that the concept had merit, but it was difficult to execute. Maybe he’s right. Or maybe the Western genre truly is dead.

Review: As Time Goes By

“As Time Goes By” completely sold me on the show. This episode left me hungry for more and optimistic for what was to come. Sliders just has so much potential on a weekly basis to blow the viewer’s mind away. This story fulfills that promise and will always remain a personal favorite.

Review: Gillian of the Spirits

“Gillian of the Spirits” goes beyond mere alt-history and starts taking on more esoteric concepts — in this case the astral plane. Combined with a gripping storyline and a haunting sense of loss, this episode alone was the reason to keep watching the show until the big episodes came out later in the season.

Review: Obsession

“Obsession” is the sleeper hit of the season. It simply doesn’t get its due. It not only features strong character development for both Quinn and Wade; it also has one of the most complex and well-developed plots of the series. This story actually utilizes foreshadowing!

Review: Invasion

There’s no getting around it. “Invasion” is a big episode for Sliders. It is far darker than anything we’ve seen yet and casts a very long shadow over the series. They can no longer just go home for that would mean potential devastation to their earth. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of the Kromaggs.

Review: Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome

“Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome” proved that a weird or wacky alt-world is not necessary for Sliders to succeed. The characters themselves have become compelling enough to watch them just for them. This episode changed the nature of the game and re-ignited excitement in the show’s possibilities. Truly, they don’t get much better than this.

Review: In Dino Veritas

As every good network executive knows, dinosaurs equal ratings. The FOX execs must have nearly wet themselves when the so-called action show Sliders finally delivered them a script they could promote. And promote they did!

Review: Greatfellas

Mel Tormé steals the show as a hard drinkin’, country singin’, government informant. I’ve never been a big fan of guest stars on television shows, but Mel’s presence elevates an otherwise OK episode to a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Review: The Young and the Relentless

Despite its glaring story errors, I get a kick out of “The Young and the Relentless.” The cast was able to pull out what should have been an unmitigated disaster and turn it into one of the finer stories of the season.