The Music of Anthony Marinelli

Composer and musician Anthony Marinelli was hired to do the music for seven of the second season’s episodes. Earth Prime has been fortunate enough to get its hand on some of this source music for episodes listed below.

Season 2 Main Credits [1.1 Mb]: The main theme during the second season sans voiceover; and

Season 2 End Credits [1.1 Mb]: An abbreviated version of the opening credits music for use during the end credits of each episode.

Commercial Bumpers

These brief music bumpers were used for act and commercial breaks.

Muzak Thick Red Shag [1.8 Mb]: Overheard in the Lamplighter Pub during Rembrandt and Arturo’s discussion about wanting to go home at the beginning of the episode; and

Techno Dance Rave [3.1 Mb]: This is the music L.C. is spinning at the underground rave behind the Top Hat Night Club.

Western Mood [2 Mb]: This great overture of western-style music perfectly sets the stage for a San Francisco ruled by Texas; and

Chili Day in Austin [2.5 Mb]: An hilarious song overheard in the karaoke section of the Wall Street Cafe, featuring shout-outs to writer Steve Brown as the lothario who stole the singer’s woman away.

Raining [1.4 Mb]: The bass-soaked intro to the episode punctuates the need for the Sliders to get out of their waterlogged predicament;

Coffee Shop [3.25 Mb]: A great generic mixture of typical 50’s-style beats and harmonies that plays in the coffee shop where Gillian works; and

Finale [2.8 Mb]: The touching and emotion-filled music that plays in Mike Mallory’s basement while Quinn bids farewell to the Sliders.

Crashdown [1.9 Mb]: Plays while the Sliders try to avoid the Manta ship at the beginning of the episode;

A Simple Investigation [1.8 Mb]: Overheard while Rembrandt crabs about his Cadillac during Quinn and Arturo’s search of the Manta ship;

Fight or Flight [1.2 Mb]: After setting off the Manta’s alarm system, the Sliders flee their Kromagg pursuers while this music plays in the background;

Interrogation [2.7 Mb]: What the name implies – the Sliders are questioned and probed by the Kromaggs for their knowledge of sliding;

Aliens, part I [1.6 Mb]: Overheard during Quinn and Mary’s discussion of the Kromaggs in the domed garden on Earth 113; and

Aliens, part II [1.9 Mb]: The score heard during various scenes of the Sliders’ imprisonment and escape from Earth 113.

Sonic Youth [215Kb]: Nothing like opening your episode with a drowned, bloated Quinn Mallory to set the mood!

Sonic Youth II [115Kb]: Overlooking Alcatraz, alt-rock style.

Modern Love [1.6 Mb]: The moody riff that plays while Wade’s double and Kyle Beck coerce Quinn into playing his double’s role just a little bit longer;

Rock Love [1.5 Mb]: The pop-ish alternative music that’s playing behind Wade and Quinn’s investigation of Fred White’s death at the Lamplighter’s Surfing Zone;

Rock On [800k]: The grunge-heavy riff that plays when Quinn and Wade leave the Lamplighter and find themselves accosted by Gillette the henchman; and

Funk Rock Sonic Steeple [1.1 Mb]: The upbeat alternative music that signals the Sliders’ exit from Youth World at the end of the episode.