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The Science of Sliding

Interdimensional travel, or sliding, is done via the creation of a stable Einstein-Rosen gateway. These gateways, also known in the scientific community as wormholes, puncture a small hole in the dimensional barrier. MultiDim has catalogued several hundred parallel worlds, and physicists agree that because of the waveform nature of quantum phsyics, there are in fact an infinite number of universes. The first transdimensional gateway was created in 1995 by MultiDim co-founder Quinn Mallory using an electromagnetic curvature of time and space. The resultant vortex allowed him to "slide" briefly to a parallel universe, only to return after his timing device signalled an end to the journey. Since then, MultiDim has come to employ a "negative energy" approach, using the antimatter that flows between two completely neutral Californium plates (8 feet high by 4 feet wide by 18 inches thick) coupled with a charged ion burst to penetrate the interdimension. The timing device activates in a similar manner, but with much greater accuracy and uses pre-determined return coordinates should the timer fail.

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Take a spin through the worlds we've visited and see which one is right for you for your next vacation experience! Since 1998, MultiDim has offered premiere vacation and destination packages for the globetrotter who wants to experience the world one dimension at a time. Please feel free to browse through the over 100 parallel worlds MultiDim's Travelogue has categorized for you and see which parallel earth might whet your whistle.

About MultiDim

MultiDim was founded in 1995 by scientists Quinn Mallory and Maximillian Arturo. Currently headquartered in Palo Alto near Stanford University, MultiDim now has offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Boston, employing over 75 people.

Quinn Mallory graduated from the University of California in 1996 with a master's degree in physics, specializing in Advanced Superstring and M Theory. Working with household items and scientific devices he purchased while working his way through college at a local computer store, Mallory was able to parlay his genius into one of the truly great inventions of modern day: sliding. MultiDim is the business extension of his amazing creation.

Professor Maximillian Arturo holds doctorates in the fields of cosmology and ontology. In addition to being a Nobel Laureate in 1993 and a Nobel Prize co-winner (with Quinn Mallory) in 1997 for their development of sliding, Arturo also sits on the Regents Board at California University where he teaches an honors symposium. Arturo currently resides in Palo Alto.