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Start the Tour: Earth Prime

This world should come as no surprise to you. It’s yours. Yes, you’re probably asserting that sliding isn’t a reality. Well, it is. You just don’t head up to the Bay Area often enough. They don’t call it the Silicon Valley for nothing.

Have you always wondered what general chaos was like? Ever imagined a United States where its citizens are fleeing to a prosperous Mexico? Welcome to Elvis World, where not only can you catch the King performing 5 nights a week in Vegas, you can also watch society crumble around you!

Initially a world much like our own, Kromagg Outpost 94 is a conquered world. Its rulers, a vicious, ape-like race called the Kromaggs who have mastered sliding and are bent on the domination of every human-controlled Earth. Just be glad they haven’t found Earth Prime yet.

Welcome to Harry Caray’s favorite world — an Earth where the Chicago Cubs won six consecutive World Series! Take in a baseball game at Wrigley Field and watch the Cubs win another (God willing)!

Just when you thought it wouldn’t snow again in the Bay Area. Skate across San Francisco Bay, ice fish off of Fisherman’s Wharf, ski across the Golden Gate Bridge, or have a good old fashion snow ball fight in Alcatraz! Just don’t eat that snow. MultiDim scientists believe there may be radiation fallout in good old Frosty.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll at night around town and watch the KGB and the Russian military conduct random searches, street-side executions, and kidnappings! As an exciting bonus, make sure you look over your shoulder to see your own personal KGB agent reporting your every move.

For a car culture, visiting a world with nothing but public transportation is a grim reality indeed. But that’s exactly what’s happened here, and it’s allowed sliding inventor Quinn Mallory to spend time with the double of his deceased father.

Afraid of getting stung by a bee? Steer clear of Spiderwasp World then, where a genetically engineered poisonous insect with an appetite for drywall and human flesh have decimated North and South America.

Have an acid flash back to the 60’s! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the capitol of the Hippie movement, the Haight-Ashbury district. Join a commune or just protest the war. It’s free love, baby!

Welcome to Waterworld — no, not the movie — a parallel earth experience some serious diluvian problems!

Freshen yer drink, guv’nah?! Grab some tea and crumpets and enjoy your visit to the British States of America, where proper British sophistication rules over the plastic vulgarity that we embrace in America.

Welcome to an Earth where San Francisco is a virtual gold mine… black gold, that is!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) declares Q World one of its favorite “hot spots” in the multiverse!

Go back to nature and enjoy the primitive way of life as you trek through the cannibalistic jungles of San Francisco.

Ever wanted to visit a world spared a grisly Apocalypse? Head on over to newly re-opened Asteroid World, where people are slowly readjusting to a life thought doomed by a pesky asteroid.

Tired of the Old Boys’ Club and a male dominated society? Welcome to a world where women hold public office, play professional sports, fly planes, and are captains of industry while men cook, clean, and stay home to take care of the kids. It’s a world where Hillary Clinton is the President of the United States while Jane Pauley has been ordained as Pope Jane Pauley I.

The powder white sand beaches of San Francisco beckon you to lounge in the sun while sipping on those drinks with those cute, little umbrellas in them! Listen to calypso music as the palm trees sway in the cool breeze. A perfect tropical vacation destination!

Tired of a society that embraces the lowest common denominator? Visit Einstein World, where intellectual stimulation is the driving force of civilization.

The judgment is in: why stay at home and watch Court TV when you can visit Law & Order World and watch defendants literally fight for their lives in court? Hire your own high priced defense attorneys or get the autographs of judicial superstars such as Judge Kenneth Starr, Judge Lance Ito, Judge Judy, Judge Reinhold, and Judge Wapner!

Catch the Crying Man’s comeback tour, “I’ve Still Got Tears In My ‘Fro!” The Crying Man is live in concert and singing all your favorite hits!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for King’s Ice Cream! Journey to the Earth Prime of the best tasting ice cream in the Multiverse! Enjoy a walk in the park with a King’s Ice Cream cone!

With zero crime, abundant resources and a halcyon-like civilization, this world truly lives up to its name.

Love ice hockey? Got a lot of worthless Canadian change? Then you’ve come to the right place! Just try to keep out of the border battles between California and the United States and you’ll be living the high life… Molson High Life that is.

You ever wanted to celebrate Halloween year ’round? Welcome to Mystic World, a United States ruled by a commercial empire headed by a mysterious Sorcerer. Well, not ruled ruled. There’s still a President … you get the idea.

Crave a Big Brother society? Well, we found two worlds back to back that were almost identical, so you can take your pick. This one has women with facial hair. The other has police wearing skirts. Which do you prefer?

Just in case you couldn’t get enough of Hoover Prime, here’s a world that’s virtually identical! Except instead of bearded ladies, you get cops in skirts. We’ll leave you to decide which is worse.

No, the name of this world isn’t a spoof on that awful John Travolta film. Welcome to a world where violence and warfare is a part of life! The U.S. is gone, buddy — get used to it.

Ever thought San Francisco was a hellhole trap of social excess? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet, baby! Actually, you pretty much have, since the San Francisco Federal Penitentiary that filled the whole of the North Bay slid into the ocean in 1996, killing thousands.

Women, tired of men? Then this is the world for you! Here, more than 90% of the male population has been devastated by a viral pathogen and men are interned in work camps were they help *ahem* repopulate the species. The perfect vacation spot for any woman tired of men!

Ever wish that every time you took a breath, you inhaled a lungful of rich, creamy dirt? Well, look no further than Dust World, where every ounce of loam seems to be airborne!