“Cry Like a Man”

Written By: Tracy Tormé & Paul Kelly
Arranged By: Hummie Mann
Performed by Cleavant Derricks


My friends ask me why I cry (cry)
It’s cause I feel like I wanna die (die)
These tears spring from my eye
Ever since you said goodbye (goodbye)

I’m gonna cry like a man (cry like a man)
Hard as I can (as I can)
And if you had a heart
Maybe you’d start
to understand

Oh, I know you understand me brothers

See me walking down the street (walkin’ down the street)
And everybody that I meet (everybody that I meet)
They say hello, goodbye (goodbye)
And tears spring from my other eye (walk on by)


Listen baby
The long and lonely nights go by (they go on by)
Alone and lonely, I sit and cry (I cry, I cry)
I cry! Oh! (All alone I sit and cry)
Moaning! Groaning! Dyin’! (cry like a man)
Cryin’ like a man

Hard as I can (as I can)
If you had a heart
Maybe you’d start
to understand

You’re breaking my heart here! (cry like a man)
I feel a tear comin’ out of this eye! (cry like a man)
Oh! And a tear, fallin’ from my other eye! (cry like a man)
Brothers! Somebody!
Somebody hand me a handkerchief!
Please! (cry like a man)

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