Year 5 Journal


Y5J: The Unstuck Man

Fifth season Story Editor Keith Damron begins his journal by discussing the new season, the cast changeover, and the new villan, Oberon Geiger.

Y5J: Strangers and Comrades

Keith details his first writing assignment for the season, including his disappointment over the rejection of an intriguing steampunk world where the Sliders go their separate ways.

Y5J: The Great Work

The perils of freelance scripts, and how they can be (drastically) rewritten to conform to the producers’ vision(s) of the show.

Y5J: New Gods for Old

Keith espouses on the thrills of adapting David Gerrold’s script to the fifth season, adept use of the various “worlds” of the Universal backlot, and Diana’s PDL.

Y5J: Please Press One

Budgetary woes and formulaic scripts create less-than-thrilling nemeses for Keith, even after punching up dialog for Mallory and Rembrandt.

Y5J: A Current Affair

On an almost perfect shooting script, the crew’s reaction to a comic episode, getting sci-fi veterans for guest roles, and recycling Columbo locations.

Y5J: Easy Slider

When recuperating from a joyless holiday season, what better way to get back into your work than by playing a merciless prank on a coworker?

Y5J: Requiem

In which many ways to kill Wade Welles are discussed, none of which are satisfactory to the audience.

Y5J: Map of the Mind

Catered lunches, heavy rewrites, and prop designers get much needed call outs when Keith visits the set.

Y5J: A Thousand Deaths

The body count of a video game in Los Vegas spurs Keith to write a vaguely moralistic tale about becoming desensitized to violence. And kidnapping. And “Shaft.”

Y5J: Heavy Metal

When broad stroke stories about the Confederacy winning the Civil War need to be avoided, the Sliders crew opts to film a pirate episode, complete with walking the plank on a boat berthed in San Pedro.

Y5J: To Catch a Slider

When David Peckinpah suggests a caper episode, the production crew springs into action. Over lunch, of course.

Y5J: Dust

Bobby D pays the set a visit while Keith reflects on standing sets, Vasquez Rocks, and ending the season with a bang.

Y5J: Eye of the Storm

A slide isn’t just a slide when Keith talks about transforming their midseason Geiger confrontation into their penultimate episode and showdown.

Y5J: The Seer

Ending a series on a cliffhanger, making potshots and fans, and giving shout outs to childhood friends — that’s “The Seer” in a nutshell.