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Sliding Through

July 01, 1998

Jerry O'Connell explores worlds on both sides of the camera.

What a Trip

June 08, 1998

The Sliders get a second life in this dimension thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel.

Born For The Role

June 07, 1998

Charlie O'Connell was lying around his big brother Jerry's Los Angeles house one day. What was supposed to be a short visit had stretched into six months. "I was like, `Listen, you either get a job or you get out of here,' " Jerry remembers.

Life After Death

June 01, 1998

Jerry O'Connell and company slide into a new season on the Sci-Fi Channel.

All in the Family

June 01, 1998

A new slider, and one who is a relation on-screen and in real life, Charlie O'Connell.

No more FOX: Sliders star happy to change channels

May 23, 1998

Sliders returns to the airwaves on June 8, and no one could possibly be happier than Jerry O’Connell the series* star, producer and sometimes director.

Sliding Fourth

May 01, 1998

Saved from oblivion by the Sci-Fi Channel, Sliders will soon be back on TV screens. Lead actor Jerry O'Connell explains how his role has become active behind the cameras too. Plus, Jerry talks about playing Neve Campbell's boyfriend in Wes Craven's horror hit Scream 2!

Slide Away

April 01, 1998

As the latest season of Sliders receives its world premiere on Sky 1, we talk to series creator Tracy Tormé.

Sliding Into Home Plate

April 01, 1998

The cult show Sliders has found the best alternate dimension of all: renewed life on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Derricks slides into a revamped role

March 01, 1998

Given that half of the original cast of Sliders has already left the series, it's a mile ironic that Cleavant Derricks is still traipsing from one parallel world to the next. After all, he originally wanted nothing to do the sci-fi show.

Return of Sliders again proves fans can make a difference

February 09, 1998

Columbia State, Doug Nye, February 8, 1998 — One thing you cam say about science-fiction fans, when a project really appeals to them, they become devoted to it. Devoted? How about downright worshipful? Such a loyal, vocal following is credited with the survival of Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry might have created it, but it was […]

Jerry Jumps In

February 07, 1998

Welcome to the wet, wild and slightly wacky world of scream 2's sexy star Jerry O'Connell. Some stars just can't get enough attention.

Slide Rules

January 01, 1998

Now Sliders has reinvented itself on the Sci-Fi Channel, Joe Nazzaro meets creator Tracy Tormé and current producer Chris Black.

Giving Value for Money

December 01, 1997

John Rhys-Davies on the series, his departure, and arrival in Star Trek: Voyager.

The Iron Lady

October 01, 1997

As the fate of the series swings to and fro, the latest cast member, Kari Wuhrer chats with TV Zone.

On An Upward Slide

September 21, 1997

Jerry O'Connell has found new worlds to conquer — in front of the camera and behind it.

Ticket to Slide

August 01, 1997

In the two part story The Exodus, Kari Wuhrer made her debut as Maggie Beckett in Sliders. Originally the former MTV presenter was just going to play the role for several episodes, but was then signed as a permanent replacement for the departing John Rhys-Davies. Stuart Banks caught up with her at the end of the season...

Sliding Away

July 01, 1997

His days among the Sliders are over, and that's just fine with John Rhys-Davies.

Parallel Lives

June 01, 1997

A look at Sliders' troubled history, and the changes made for the third season.

Jerry Who?

May 01, 1997

Jerry O'Connell, who plays Sliders' Quinn Mallory, spoke recently to Stuart Banks about his constantly changing life...

Ticket to Slide

May 01, 1997

As Quinn Mallory, Jerry O'Connell visits new dimensions each week.

Slip Sliding Away

May 01, 1997

While Sliders quickly developed a loyal and sizeable fan following, the series has not been without its share of problems.

The Universe Interview: Tracy Tormé

May 01, 1997

According to Star Trek, "In every revolution, there's one man with a vision" — and in the case of the Fox Network, they would prefer that he work somewhere else.

Sliders plunges into alien territory in bid for renewal

April 17, 1997

Will Sliders be able to slide on to a fourth season? That’s the question producers and fans are wondering these days

Sliding Home

April 01, 1997

You're invited on an exclusive set visit with Sliders' dimension-hopping quartet of stars.