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Sliding to Stardom

April 01, 1997

Jerry O'Connell is enjoying success as he hops into parallel universes every week on Sliders.

Alternate FX

April 01, 1997

Alternate worlds mean alternate special effects for Sliders' crew of illusionists.

Sabrina Lloyd: Parallel Lives

March 21, 1997

We slide to a parallel universe and hear from Sabrina Lloyd, who plays Slider Wade Wells.

Cleavant Derricks reveals his personal, professional soul

February 08, 1997

Most people recognize him as Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown on FOX-5' s hit sci-fi program Sliders, but did you know Cleavant Derricks is a Tony and Drama Desk Award winner for Dreamgirls?

The Mighty Quinn

February 01, 1997

Jerry O'Connell discusses the appeal of being one of the Sliders.

Still Sliding, Despite a Bumpy Ride

December 07, 1996

Plagued by mixed reviews, internal dissension, inconsistent ratings, and repeated rumors of cancellation following each of its first two seasons, Sliders plugs on.

Jerry’s Wild Slide

December 07, 1996

Jerry O'Connell is riding high in a sci-fi series that just won't quit. And then there's his movie stint opposite Tom Cruise.

Altered Slides

December 01, 1996

As Sliders shifts into a third year, Tracy Tormé considers the show's past, present and future.

Slide Show

November 01, 1996

It was destined to be the also-ran. Now it's into its third season, seen off of its TV rivals and secured itself a worldwide audience, as Producer Tracy Tormé tells Joe Nazarro.

Otherworld Rembrandt

October 01, 1996

Sliding from one world to another, Cleavant Derricks keeps on smiling even though he's the Crying Man.

Acting His Age

July 15, 1996

Jerry O'Connell went back to seventh grade in the fall of 1985 feeling pretty good about himself. The 11-year-old had spent the summer in Oregon filming Stand By Me. But classmates at his New York City junior high school weren't impressed.

It’s Nothing to Cry About

July 01, 1996

After initial misgivings, Cleavant Derricks is happy with the path he followed.

Lost in Place

June 01, 1996

Tracy Tormé's innovative science fiction romp, Sliders, returns.

The Girl with Something Extra

May 01, 1996

Everyone on Sliders says the same thing: Sabrina Lloyd is something special.

Wonder of Worlds

April 01, 1996

Even though they're slipping into their second season, all endings are not happy for Sliders.

Sliding In and Out

April 01, 1996

Series co-creator Tracy Tormé assesses the strengths and weaknesses of Sliders.

Slippery Sliders

March 10, 1996

As universe-hopping hero Quinn Mallory on Fox's sci-fi Sliders, Jerry O'Connell is worlds away from the part that brought him to prominence.

Sliders Won’t Let Devoted Fans Down

March 01, 1996

Every week, Sabrina Lloyd's character Wade Wells finds herself in amazing and out-of-this-world situations on Fox's science-fiction series Sliders.

Handsome young star nods in agreement at Sliders show that winks at sci-fi genre

February 29, 1996

Life on Sliders isn’t like being sentenced to the tedium treadmill. Just the opposite, says Jerry O’Connell, handsome young star of the lively sci-fi series that returns for a new season Friday on FOX.

Jerry O’Connell: Easy Slider

February 01, 1996

It's sometimes hard to believe that the timid, cherub-faced kid from the 1986 film Stand By Me is now an action-adventure hero -- and a tall, pretty-damn-cute one at that.

Sliding Back

December 01, 1995

Robert Weiss, co-creator of Sliders, prepares to explore more worlds.


September 21, 1995

Fox plays with history and time in a reality-bending adventure series.

Universe Builder

June 01, 1995

At last, Tracy Tormé is happy, sliding into new worlds of science fiction.

The Cosmic Slide

June 01, 1995

In Fox Television's Sliders, history is written in disappearing ink.

Parallel Excitement

June 01, 1995

Fun is the name of the game for Jerry O'Connell & his "Sliders."