Get a Life

With "Get a Life," we've hit the mother lode. Not only is it a complete, unpublished script, but it's also a shout out to us, the obsessed fans who just can't let it go.

Comics vs. The Screen

When the Acclaim comic series was introduced, it was hailed as a way to do all the things the show could not given budget restraints, risky content, or technical limitations. Yet when all was said and done, almost every comic made its way on screen in one form or another. This raises a fairly obvious question: if all stories ended up on television anyway, why bother with the comics? In this essay, we'll take a look at how at how each comic stacked up against its on screen counterpart. It's print media versus electronic media. Who will prevail?

Deadly Secrets

We're dealing with two plots — one driven by Wade and one centered on the evils of unfettered capitalism. Sound familiar? It should. It's "Season's Greedings" in space. Given the gap between the show and the comics team at this point, it seems unlikely one hand knew what the other was doing. Still, it's shocking that both mediums would write more or less the same story with the same beats independent of each other.

Interview with Robert K. Weiss

Sliders co-creator Robert K. Weiss has been with Sliders since day one, and has gladly immersed himself into the Sliders comics as well. Jeof Vita chats with him about the show and the comic, and discovered some of the secrets behind Sliders' fascinating science fictional back story.

Blood and Splendor

This had the makings of something huge. We were going to get our hands on what was being called a 'lost' script, something "too wild and too expensive" to be shown on TV. Unfettered by television restraints, what did we get? A lot of blood, a little splendor, and a whole bunch of crazy.

Darkest Hour

Unlike some previous entries, "Darkest Hour" succeeds in balancing the needs for comic book action with strong character development. The pacing is just right, there's time for thoughtful reflection, and and the drama is not necessarily in what's happening at the moment, but what might happen as our heroes sink deeper and deeper into darkness.

Interview with Jerry O’Connell

Jerry's story "Narcotica" turns out to be a provocative and controversial tale about a world where the taking of hard drugs is not only legal, but encouraged by the government. One can see why such a topic might be considered "taboo" for prime-time television.


The America of "Narcotica" is indeed twisted; the War on Drugs is over, and drugs won. They are not only legal, they're mandatory; food is tainted with performance enhancers or worse, and the same is about to happen to the water supply unless — surprise, surprise! — our four can stop it.

“Blood and Splendor” Promo

Once in a while, a pivotal concept or teleplay will cross the desk of Sliders co-creators Tracy Tormé and Robert K. Weiss that’s quite simply too wild and too expensive to produce for the hit Fox TV series. Luckily for Sliders fans, there’s a comic series that’s ready, willing and more than able to pick […]

Interview with D.G. Chichester

Jeof Vita sits with comics writer D.G. Chichester to get his take on the madness and the mayhem that is Sliders.


If you've got a winning formula, there's no reason to stray from it. Sliders has a winning formula — and "Ultimatum" executes it better than any other comic.

Jerry’s Visit to Acclaim

Sliders star Jerry O’Connell (Quinn Mallory) found himself sliding into another dimension, where heroes in bright outfits battle maniacal robots and aliens from distant worlds! There, Jerry and his brother Charlie spent the day meeting and talking with various wordsmiths and artisans, and taking some time out to pose with the natives. The name of […]


Free of his shackles, co-creator Tracy Tormé sends his four anti-heroes into their most daring and over-the-top adventure yet. Paced like a Michael Bay movie, "Armada" continuously raises the ante, putting its stars in ever increasing and improbable jeopardy, all the while blowing up as many things as possible.

Interview with Tracy Tormé

Recently, Jeof Vita had the opportunity to talk about the show, science fiction and comics, with Sliders creator Tracy Tormé.