Jerry’s Visit to Acclaim

Sliders star Jerry O’Connell (Quinn Mallory) found himself sliding into another dimension, where heroes in bright outfits battle maniacal robots and aliens from distant worlds! There, Jerry and his brother Charlie spent the day meeting and talking with various wordsmiths and artisans, and taking some time out to pose with the natives. The name of this dimension — Acclaim Comics!

Jerry visited the offices of Acclaim Comics to meet with Armada Line Editor Jeff Gomez and Asst. Editor Jeof Vita to talk about the upcoming 48-page Sliders Special one-shot comic, Narcotica. The Acclaim crew and the O’Connells posed for pictures, took the nickel tour, met with Fabian Nicieza, and all around celebrated the remarkable sell-through success of Acclaim’s recently released Sliders comic book.

Those present in the office that day had no trouble spotting the young, six-foot-two film and television star, who was also in town shooting pick-up shots for the feature-length MTV cockroach epic, Joe’s Apartment. (He had to put live roaches in his mouth, so he couldn’t even have lunch that day! Yuuuchhh!) Along with his equally tall brother, Charlie, the “twin towers” spent much of the day meeting and greeting the office staff, talking about the popular Fox series, and dropping hints about upcoming shows.

However, Jerry’s visit was not purely a social call. Jerry also sat down to discuss plot points and deadlines for the writing of his first comic. Only a few short weeks before, Sliders series co-creator, Tracy Tormé, tipped Line Editor Jeff Gomez off on the prospect of Jerry’s writing an issue of the Sliders comic book. Jerry readily accepted the job, and turned in a fantastic script that is currently in production. Eternal Warrior artist, Jackson Guice, a personal favorite penciller of Jerry’s is handling the chores with Dennis Calero adding in some pencils of his own, and Mike DeCarlo providing inks. Sliders Special #1: Narcotica will hit store shelves this July.

In other Sliders news, dozens of copies of the Sliders Armada comic book were found laying around the house during Sliders co-creator Tracy Tormé’s birthday party! Cast, crew, and plenty of Hollywood’s finest were spotted flipping through the Dick Giordano penciled book, enjoying the truly Sliders-esque dialogue and adventure. Tormé’s love for the comics is apparent with his devotion to providing Acclaim with any and all help in producing the various Sliders miniseries.

From story concepts provided by Tracy himself, series writer D.G. Chichester spins storylines that dovetail cleanly with the continuity of the TV show! Recently, Armada Asst. Editor Jeof Vita held a conference call with both D.G. Chichester and Tracy Tormé to lay the basic groundwork for upcoming stories. Tracy dropped some hints about the series’ future so that D.G. could gear the comics to tie in more closely with the show. It was mutually agreed that while there were restrictions on the TV show because of its special effects budget, and because of its eight o’clock air time, there would be no holds barred in the comics! Tracy emphasized that with the comic, anything goes, and D.G. is more than ready to comply. Acclaim miniseries include Sliders: Darkest Hour (Giordano), Sliders: Narcotica (Guice/DeCarlo), and this September’s Sliders: The Lost Episode (Vita & Somers/Rags Morales). Watch the adventure unfold in the months to come!

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