Sliders on DVD

Sliders: The Complete Series

Released: December 02, 2014

Journey to parallel Earths with the iconic sci-fi adventure series that have thrilled fans for five gripping seasons. Jerry O'Connell, John Rhys-Davies, Sabrina Lloyd, Cleavant Derricks are "Sliders"—an unlikely group of travelers who encounter alternate versions of everything and everyone they once knew and loved as they attempt to make the one slide that will take them home. Packed with every incredible episode, this complete series is sure to take viewers on the ultimate trip beyond the boundaries of imagination.

Sliders: Season Two

Released: July 24, 2012

In Season 2 of the phenomenally popular sci-fi hit, Quinn (Jerry O’Connell, Crossing Jordan), Arturo (John Rhys-Davies, The Lord of the Rings trilogy), Wade (Sabrina Lloyd, Ed) and Rembrandt “Crying Man” Brown (Cleavant Derricks, World Traveler) come up against some of their trickiest foes yet, including a vicious group of aliens, greedy corporate raiders and the shocking double versions of themselves. As their slides take them to strange new dimensions and some that look eerily familiar, only one thing remains the same: their desire to go home.

Sliders: Season One

Released: July 24, 2012

Get ready for Season One of the breakthrough sci-fi series Sliders! Quinn (Jerry O’Connell, Crossing Jordan), a brilliant grad student, has created a device that opens a wormhole to an infinite number of parallel universes where history has taken different paths. His first test trip goes awry, stranding his physics professor, Arturo (John Rhys-Davies, The Lord of the Rings trilogy), his friend, Wade (Sabrina Lloyd, Ed), and bystander Rembrandt “Crying Man” Brown (Cleavant Derricks, World Traveler) in parallel San Franciscos. Now, this foursome of Sliders must travel from one alternate reality to another in the hope of somehow finding their way home.

Sliders: The Fifth and Final Season

Released: January 17, 2012

For four thrilling seasons, they've explored alternate realities beyond anyone's imaginations. They've seen double versions of their hometown, their families, and themselves. But nothing will prepare the Sliders for what lies ahead in all 18 episodes from the fifth and final season of this phenomenally popular sci-fi series. Starring Cleavant Derricks, Kari Wuhrer, Robert Floyd and Tembi Locke, it's the last chance for the Sliders to answer the question that has haunted them from the beginning: will they ever reach home?

Sliders: The Fourth Season

Released: March 25, 2008

Slide into an out-of-this-world adventure as all 22 thrilling Season 4 episodes of Sliders land on DVD for the first time ever! Reunite with genius Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell) and his fellow Sliders — Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks), Captain Maggie Beckett (Kari Wuhrer), and Quinn's brother Colin (Charlie O'Connell) — as they jump in and out of alternate Earthly realms, battle the ruthless Kromaggs, deal with their tricky doubles, search for their mysterious birth parents, and try to land on the elusive Earth Prime.

Sliders: The Third Season

Released: July 19, 2005

On July 19, 2005, Universal Home Video released the Third Season DVD box set. In addition to the complete series, the set came with a few bonus features such as a truncated gag reel and episodes of other Universal series — "Earth 2" and "Cleopatra 2525."

Universal Promotional DVD

Released: July 14, 2005

While we can appreciate any publicity the show gets — and the Season Three DVD Set was released the following week — the sampler is a bit of a mixed bag. Pairing Sliders with Cleopatra 2525 and Earth 2, two shows that couldn't be less mind-blowing or jaw-dropping if they tried?

Seasons 1 & 2 Dual Dimension DVD Set

Released: August 03, 2004

On August 3, 2004, Universal Home Video released the Dual Dimension Edition DVD box set, featuring the first two seasons of the show. In addition to the episodes, the set came with a few bonus features such as Pilot commentary with Tracy Tormé and Robert K Weiss, a featurette about the show and a photo gallery.