Quinn saves a beautiful girl (Melinda) in the forest and wants to do the right thing by her by returning her to her home. However, home is the castle of an evil wizard who wants to impregnate her with a child that he will take possession of to gain immortality. Quinn’s rescue attempt backfires when the dark mage mistakes Quinn for a wizard, and takes over his body. To save him, Arturo must prove Quinn is mortal and levels a lethal blow. Only Melinda has the healing power to save Quinn, but she must abandon a spell of beauty she wove over her burned face if she is to do so. Outraged, the dark wizard sends his most fearsome ally to attack them — a fire breathing dragon. Meanwhile, Rembrandt attempts to win the heart of a woman he once knew with a love potion, but the spell leaves him enchanted with Wade.

Worlds Visited


Magic is an everyday part of life on a world where the Mallory family was considered a benevolent clan of white wizards.

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  • The Sliders land about 20 miles outside the city of Emrys.
  • Gareth surmises that Quinn’s power to control a vortex means that he must be a Myrridin — in other words, a wizard.
  • The Ford Taurus police wagon cruiser bears the license plate 999022. On the door reads: “City of Emrys.”
  • The sign over the arc in the city square reads “Emrys Park.”
  • Posters on the wall outside the bookstore reads “Just In C.S. Lewis” and “The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.”
  • The Sliders stay not at the Dominion or the Royal Chancellor Hotel but at the “Dragon’s Breath Inn.”
  • On the door of the book shop, a poster reads “King’s The Stand Now Here.”
  • In professing his love for Wade, Rembrandt climbs the stoop fence of a place called “The Barnacle.”

Character Information

  • Wade knows a little about Druidic history.
  • Wade wore braces in junior high school, which she says gave her a lot of time to read. “You should have seen me with braces,” she laughs. “Why do you think I worked in a computer store?”
  • Rembrandt was dating Alesha Avo, a backup singer for the Starlettes, before he went sliding. On the day he got sucked into the vortex, he was going to ask Ms. Avo if she wanted to move in together.
  • Rembrandt admits that he loves Wade — not that he’s in love with her but that he’s in love with her soul.
  • Quinn’s extended family on this world was murdered by Gareth through their love for Melinda. Only Philip survived, more as a preventative measure against incurring Merury’s wrath than any altruistic reason.

Money Matters

  • The Sliders check into the Dragon’s Breath Inn and buy meals and drinks in Diggs’ bar.
  • Wade buys a book of Druidic spells.
  • Rembrandt must have enough to pay for Dr. Avo’s psychiatrist visit. That’ll be $125 — for a house call.

Spell: Invoking Love

Circle of magic, chaste ring of white
Capture this man’s love at first sight.
Consecrate the flowers of this scent
and allow the wearer’s heart to claim
that which you have destined him to cherish.

Spell: Body Possession

Black flames that burn within join elements of eternity
from above and below.
Release my spirit so that I may dwell for all eternity within him.

Spell: Spontaneous Healing

In the name of Godvyd, fill this being with the light.
Lochtufura, Danalora, Nuatha Dannu, Tuatha, Tuatha.
In the name of Godvyd and Naw, I invoke you
Fill this being with the light.

Notable Quotes

  • “Yeah, yeah, that, uh, happens to us a lot.” — Rembrandt, to his old girlfriend Alesha, who says she doesn’t remember him.
  • “Look, we’ve been sliding for a long time now and maybe an egghead like you can find happiness in a book on cosmology but I happen to enjoy the companionship of a woman.” — a frustrated Rembrandt to Arturo.
  • “Quinn is no more a wizard than that door knocker.” — Arturo to Melinda.
  • “Maybe it’s because we’re the only two normal people on this journey.” — Rembrandt’s thoughts on why he feels something special toward Wade.
  • “For once, Miss Welles, I have no explanation.” — Arturo in reference to the dragon.


  • “What power could possibly be worth your freedom?”
  • “That which is beautiful is not always good. But that which is good is always beautiful.”
  • “To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose is the next best.”


  • Again Quinn calls Diggs by name yet they still haven’t been introduced. He and Arturo ask for a run down about his world and Diggs happily tells them all about — even though Arturo says “Is everyone a Druid on this world?” It seems as though Diggs doesn’t care that Arturo uses what should have been a baffling phrase.
  • The rooms in the Dragon’s Breath Inn bear an uncanny resemblance to the Royal Chancellor suite.
  • What are the odds that Arturo would simply happen upon the timer in such a large field?
  • Why wouldn’t they just get Charlie O’Connell to play Phillip Mallory rather than use another actor; although Sean Moynihan does look a little like Jerry O’Connell.


  • Finally, an episode that shows off a little of Jerry O’Connell’s talent as a swordsman, even if it is just for a few seconds. Watch his feet as he confronts the dragon — perfect positioning.

History Lesson

Wade guesses The Druids came to North America in the 1300s because of constant harassment in their homeland of Britain.

The name of the area around Emrys is called New Briton. While there is Druid rule here, there are many in society, mostly professionals, who believe that spells and incantations are nothing more than myths and legends.

However, in Britain, the legend of King Arthur, of Camelot and of Merlin have become part of “New British History.” Such events and people are not considered fable, but fact.

Gareth was once in a position of power as the Chief Druid of Emrys but was impeached by the Council because he started using black magic to eliminate his enemies. It seems that over the course of many generations, some Druids have seen their powers evolve, like Gareth. He has become so powerful that no one dare challenge him.

Yet while Gareth was still revered in society, gifted 16-year-old Melinda, took an oath to learn the ways of the Druidic order, essentially becoming his apprentice.

Cops carry swords instead of guns.

The Inside Slide

John Rhys-Davies frowns upon episodes like this.

“There’s a difference between the Science Fiction audience and the Sword and Sorcery audience,” he says. “We started picking up numbers last year and then we did a show that was a rip-off of the film Dragonslayer where, in fact, Arturo kills Quinn and he is then brought back to life by a woman using magic. Any Science Fiction fan who saw that suddenly thought, ‘Oh, wait a minute. I get it. It’s a kid’s show and not Science Fiction after all.’ So next week, of course, we drop three points and never get those viewers back.”

In fact, ratings after “Dragonslide” dipped under a 6 rating and didn’t recover until 6 episodes later, with Slide Like an Egyptian (which rated a 9.7 with viewers).

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The original Thursday satellite broadcast, sent out before the episode aired on Friday night, billed Charlie O’Connell as Charlie O’Donnell in the end credits. This didn’t deter him from speaking well on his sophomore effort on the show.

“Working on Sliders has always been fun,” he says. “Not that there’s any sibling rivalry between us, but I think it’s safe to say that I can act circles around [Jerry].”

Guest Stars


  1. Lester Barrie appears as Diggs in other noteworthy third season episodes like Double Cross, The Dream Masters, Desert Storm, Murder Most Foul and The Breeder.
  2. Before joining the regular cast as Colin Mallory in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, Charlie O’Connell also played Kit Richards in As Time Goes By.

In Brief

Written by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson
Production # K1816
Network # SL-308
Directed by David Livingston
Music by Danny Lux
Edited by Edward Salier, A.C.E.



In Review


“Dragonslide” is definitely an hour of television steeped in the third season production mindset, but with those caveats in mind – and the magic, dragons, crazy Druidic nonsense – it also includes powerful themes that attracted fans to the show in the first place.

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In a mystical world whose belief system consists of magic potions, dragons and illusions, a practitioner thinks Quinn comes from a powerful line of wizards — and must be eliminated.

Timer Status

Lost in a field by Quinn and later retrieved (amazingly) by Arturo.