El Sid

Quinn puts the team in danger when his rescue of a girl from her sociopath boyfriend leads to the two of them following them through the vortex. They land in a San Francisco that offers full social services so long as its inhabitants abide by a strict code of conduct. This is enforced through a buddy system, and Quinn has the misfortune of being teamed with Sid. Only later do they learn the entire city has been turned into a prison, with impending earthquakes threatening to drop the shelf into the ocean.

Both are sentenced to death when Sid resumes his life of crime and is captured by the authorities. The remaining five are led underground to hide, but the authorities capture them with the help of their new pal Sid. He makes the group a one time offer — whoever teaches him how to use the timer lives. Arturo accepts, attempting to trick Sid. The ruse fails, but fortunately their new friend is handy with a gun.

Worlds Visited

Battlefield Earth

The first, but certainly not the last. A world devastated by war, and the survivors are still taking it pretty personally.

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Prison World

Seismic instability and a burgeoning prison population made the decision to convert downtown San Francisco into a massive federal penitentiary an easy decision.

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  • L.J and Big Jake are playing chess in Webb Court.
  • Wade says that the Dominion Hotel is on Hubbard Street.
  • L.J. gives Rosie a carton of Destiny Cigarettes.
  • The Sliders must stay at prison annex 770.
  • The inmate who is killed for curfew violation is identified as 674-C.
  • The basketball court is in Sector Nine.
  • According to two women at the therapy session, something awful happened to Betty the week before because she was late.
  • The man at the ATM punches 2548 (and two more numbers) into the keypad.
  • L.J. tells Quinn to meet him at the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Station at Market and Van Ness. (Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco is also called 101).
  • Outside of the BART Station is a sign that reads “Great Western Railway.”

Character Information

  • Michelle says she was 15 when her parents were casualties of war.
  • Michelle doesn’t trust L.J.
  • Arturo speculates that the Sliders have been to at least 30 parallel worlds before this one.

Money Matters

The Sliders’ accommodations are courtesy of government housing.

Prison Rules and Regulations

Public address announcements and signs around the compound offer clues as to what’s expected in Prison World. The announcements include:

  • “Please keep moving, the life you save may be your own.”
  • “An honest man is a clean man.”
  • “Please keep your bracelets visible at all times.”
  • “This is your home, please keep it peaceful and clean.”

Prison Signs

  • “We appreciate that you choose not to stand in the same place for long periods.”
  • To bike riders: “Pedestrians would appreciate any courtesy shown.” (seen at the basketball court and on the side of the ATM).
  • At the BART Station: “Entering this condemned area is not a good idea.”

Notable Quotes

  • “Ya, you laugh at that!” — Rembrandt, after knocking Sid down with a two-by-four.
  • “Considering the nature of the sociopath we’ve launched on this unsuspecting society, we should be grateful we met him.” — Arturo, in response to Rembrandt’s opinion that L.J. isn’t to be trusted.
  • “Talk about your basic entitlement.” — Rembrandt, when he gets a load of the plush digs offered by government housing.
  • “First of all, I am not a fish. Secondly, I am not your slave. And thirdly, you should know that though I am a man of peace, I am prepared to make an exception in your case.” — Arturo, to the greasy inmate who whipped a knife at him.


  • Rosie says that the ladies’ group therapy session is at 3:00, but it’s pitch black outside when the session itself gets underway.
  • When Sid throws Quinn against the wall he has his hand around Quinn’s throat. In the very next scene we see from the front an arm’s length back with his gun barrel stuck in the camera’s lens. Then, a second later, he is right in Quinn face again, with his right hand around Quinn’s throat and the gun is no where to be seen.
  • Underground, after Arturo hands over the timer, Quinn calls the big bearded man Jake, though the two have never been introduced, have not interacted with one another nor has anyone referred to Jake in Quinn’s presence.
  • In episodes to come, it’s never explained what happened to Michele after she slid with the others.

History Lesson

Battlefield Earth’s history deviated sharply in the 1980s when a massive war took out a huge chunk of the United States. San Francisco is in tatters, and it doesn’t look like the government is doing anything to rebuild it. It doesn’t look like the locals care, anyway.

· · ·

On Prison World, it was determined that the seismic stability of the San Francisco peninsula couldn’t be maintained much longer, so the federal government (most likely in conjunction with state government) walled off a huge section of the city and made it a prison. A massive earthquake is due any day that, experts say, will sink the peninsula into the Pacific Ocean. Technology is at a higher level on Prison World than on Earth Prime, which is visible in the buddy bracelets and electric cars.

Inmates must fill out forms for the Board of Registry. These forms contain a will and organ donor card. Custodians wear patches which contain the prison tree logo and a UPC bar code for identification. The bracelets are registered with a computer log which links two people together.

If the buddy system is compromised, the bracelet of the offender and his buddy send signals to the computer which then signals the custodian closest to the infraction. The custodian checks with the computer supervisor to rule out a possible malfunction; if there isn’t one, the Custodian is authorized to use lethal force as punishment. Sometimes, it’s the offender’s buddy that is killed — a way of reiterating the importance of keeping your buddy in check.

Some Custodians carry cane devices which can activate and check bracelets.

Another way that the custodians keep tabs on the inmates is the “Neighborhood Watch” program which offers rewards to those who report that a crime has been committed.

The Inside Slide

“‘El Sid’ was one of our more popular shows, but it moved a bit slowly,” says Tracy Tormé. “It was essentially two-thirds of an episode stretched into a full story. We got good performances from our guest actors, and I guess people dug the earthquakes. They liked it a little more than I did.”

Guest Stars



  • The actress who plays Rosie at the Registration booth.
  • The two unseen women who carry on a conversation before the ladies’ therapy session.
  1. Sandra Grant reappears as Melanie Wallace in Obsession.

In Brief

Written by Jon Povill
Production # K0802
Network # SL-202
Directed by Paris Barclay
Music by Stephen Graziano
Edited by Edward Salier, A.C.E.



In Review


I’d like to accuse this episode of not being well thought out, but that’s not true. The storyline is coherent; it’s just boring.

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When Quinn rescues a beautiful young woman in distress on a world ruled by violence, her homicidal boyfriend, swearing vengeance for an imagined slight, follows the sliders through the vortex.

Timer Status

Stolen by the Custodians, later retrieved by Arturo and Michelle.