Map of the Mind

The vortex has deposited the Sliders behind the gates of what appears to be a mental institution. They later discover that it is a neural remapping center where artists of all types — painters, musicians, dancers — are forced to squash their artistic instincts. In this world thinking alike is rewarded while individualism is discouraged. When a riot breaks out, the Sliders become separated. Rembrandt and Maggie escape from the grounds, while Diana is caught by a security guard and presumed to be a patient. Mallory poses as an intern, Dr. Carter, to track down Diana. Before he finds her, a doctor on the staff has already “remapped” her brain. As a result, Diana is catatonic. After Mallory’s identity is revealed, he, too, is strapped to an operating table for remapping. Maggie and Rembrandt show up just in time to save him. The three of them attempt to reverse the remapping process on Diana, but none of the them are medically qualified. With only minutes to go until their next slide, the threesome make a quick decision.

Worlds Visited

Colorless World

A corporate United States has removed all forms of free expression as a way of controlling the populace, and those who resist are rounded up and placed in asylums.

Brunch World

There’s a bench, a restaurant and not much else.


  • THINK ALIKE signs are peppered throughout the institute and are spray painted in the Art Gallery.
  • When Mallory changes clothes during the riot, the door he enters reads “Locker Room — Laundry.”
  • Jane White is in Room 12.
  • Sean Carter is an Intern studying in Cognitive Therapy.
  • Storefronts in Los Angeles include “Men’s Clothing Store,” “Max Von Bloom — Attorney at Law” and “Art Gallery.”
  • The notice at the art gallery reads “Notice: this facility has been found in VIOLATION of federal order #534B, the Creative Curtailment Act.”
  • There’s a music store down the street from the art gallery.
  • Doctor Ruskin operates in Room 108.
  • The Oakwood Institute is about three miles outside downtown L.A.

Character Information

  • Diana’s hobbies include painting.
  • Rembrandt grew up in a Baptist community.

Money Matters

  • Rembrandt and Maggie have enough money for a room at the Chandler and a couple of beers, but not enough for a ride into town by a taxi.

Notable Quotes

  • “So did we slide into a prison without getting captured, thus eliminating the usual gunplay and middlemen?” — Maggie.
  • “Oh yeah, that’s right.” — Rembrandt, stupidly, after telling a guy that works at the insane asylum he just escaped from that he’s a singer, which is illegal on this world.
  • “I miss Tom Snyder!” — Pajama Guy.
    “Everybody does!” — Rembrandt.
  • “When you grow up in a Baptist church some things just stick with you.” — Rembrandt after his Cuckoo’s Nest-style speech to the inmates.


  • Mallory comes flying out of the vortex head first. In the next shot, he’s laying face up in some plants. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.
  • What is the deal with that black woman’s voice? It’s really odd, and it doesn’t synch up with her lips. Bad post-production editing?
  • “Brain Nazis?” Come on…
  • On a world where creativity is curtailed, do you really think they’d sell beer?

History Lesson

Where to begin… well, millions of years ago, I guess, because the human brain on this world is reversed. Cognitive and logic processes are part of the right brain, and creativity is part of the left side of the brain.

Aside from that minor historical fart, humanity plodded along much the same as it did on Earth Prime, until Doctor Malcolm White invented a neurological device that, when activated properly, would allow the user to remap his or her mind and perceive the human collective consciousness that exists extradimensionally. Unfortunately, the process backfired on White’s daughter, Jane, and before he could return her to her original state, the government seized the technology, erased Jane’s original map and began using it to curtail creativity. Doctor White institutionalized himself as penance.

The Corporate States of America found that painting, music or any medium that expressed new thoughts our ideas was a bad thing, and as most government are, banished them. The thought was that it would unify people by conforming them all to the same “Think Alike” mentality, when in reality it was a way to subjugate the population by making them forget that freedom is a right, not an aberration.

The Creativity Curtailment Act closed all venues of free expression, and as a result, Salvagers will roam outlets of creativity looking for scraps of art or music for their collections. Beware, however, the Creativity Curtailment Police, aka “Brain Nazis” roam the country looking for free thinkers, throwing them into hospitals to have their brains remapped using Dr. White’s device.

Guest Stars

In Brief

Written by Robert Masello
Production # E0811
Network # SL-512
Directed by Paul Raimondi
Music by Danny Lux
Edited by Casey Brown



In Review


The Sliders visit a world where anyone with artistic or creative tendencies is locked up. I can only draw parallels between the season five writing staff and their work environment.

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Diana literally loses her mind on an Earth where all artists are imprisoned and their brains surgically altered.