Wade’s been having strange dreams about a mysterious man, a man who is waiting for them after the slide. His name is Bond, Derek Bond, and he claims to be a seer. He tells Wade they are destined to be together. Quinn isn’t buying any of it, but there is serious evidence this world has tapped into psychic powers. The person responsible for foreseeing the future is the Prime Oracle, a job Derek is next in line for. The Prime Oracle attempts to run Wade over with his car, and Arturo and Rembrandt are taken downtown for murdering her in a pre-emptive arrest. Wade agrees to see Derek, but the relationship turns ugly when he refuses to let her go. The others are powerless to rescue her as he can foresee their every move and with the Prime Oracle dead, Derek has ultimate authority. There’s only one way out for Wade — the final way out.

Worlds Visited

India World

Cows, over-indulgent concierges, early morning vendors — it’s all part of a San Francisco where India sailed east and colonized North America.

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Psychic World

This America’s Abraham Lincoln was warned of his assassination by a psychic; Lincoln’s gratitude was to elevate the man to a post higher than the Presidency. What a guy!

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  • Wade’s alarm wakes her up for the slide 4:09 a.m.
  • Was has a copy of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” on the nightstand.
  • In the hit-and-run accident, Rembrandt suffers a slight bruise at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone in his left ankle and a slight strain on his internal annular ligament.
  • Pixel sign reads: “Predicted Gold Deposits Found On Moon.”
  • The Prime Oracle’s license plate is “ORACLE 1.”
  • The hospital magazines include:
    • News Monthly: JFK Dead at 78: a close-up look at the Man and his Times.
    • Viewpoint: Where We’re Going In The Next 25 Years
    • Tempo (a magazine that also had Rembrandt on the Cover in The King is Back.)
  • A poster on a door adjacent to the examining room curiously reads “Discover The World of Words.”
  • Rembrandt was taken to hospital wing “East 2A.”
  • The dress shop where Wade buys her dress reads “Calico Cat” on the awning but the window reads “The Fashion Oracle,” which is run by the psychic Anna, who knew what dress Wade wanted before she came in the store.
  • The room across the hall from the Sliders’ in the Dominion Hotel is 307.
  • The messenger in the dream/past life sequence instructs Kate to ride to Hampstead.
  • The ambulance license plate is 3LAY495

Character Information

  • As a boy, Rembrandt suffered a compound fracture of the leg.
  • Wade’s name in the dream/past life sequence is Kate, a derivative of Wade’s middle name, Kathleen.
  • As a girl, Wade had a blue stuffed teddy bear named Mugsy.

Money Matters

  • The Sliders are able to pay for their hotel on India World.
  • Rembrandt’s medical bill is taken care of somehow.
  • Arturo buys that multiversal all-knowing almanac that talks about the parallel world in question in such a way that it could only have been written for an off-worlder.
  • The Sliders pay for their hotel room on Psychic World as well.
  • Wade buys a dress for her dinner with Derek Bond.
  • Rembrandt, Quinn and Arturo all have a few drinks at least in the Lamplighter.
  • Arturo and Rembrandt are able to purchase the narcotic that knocks out Wade, or else Monique stole it from the hospital.

Notable Quotes

  • “The name is Bond, Derek Bond. Heh, heh, it’s kind of hard to resist saying it that way.” — Derek, introducing himself to the Sliders.
  • “It’s easy: just tell him ‘here’s your ring back’… no, no, no don’t hang up! ” — Quinn smooth-talking Wade over the phone about her situation.
  • “I’m the ‘Crying Man,’ you think that just happens?” — Rembrandt, in response to Quinn’s question about whether he’s qualified to give advice on women.
  • “Don’t you guys know anything about women?! Once they put the rock on the finger, it’s all over!” — Rembrandt on Wade’s situation.
  • “Love?! She had to kill herself to get away from you and you call that love?!… No matter how much power you have, you can’t make people love you. Not even God can do that.” — Quinn to an apologetic Derek.
  • “You scared the crap outta me!” — Quinn, to a recovering Wade.
  • “Come along, Mr. Brown, new worlds await.” — Arturo.


  • “Exasperating ninny!” — to the overly thankful hotel clerk.
  • “Blistering idiot!” — to the cop during the arrest in the hotel.


On Friday afternoon, the Prime Oracle says that by this time tomorrow (Saturday) he will die of a cerebral hemorrhage. Well, the Prime Oracle was wrong! Here’s the reasoning: at the beginning, Derek says he’ll pick up Wade at 7 p.m. that day for their date. Later, at the restaurant, Wade can’t believe it’s so empty for a Friday night. During that same date, the death of the Prime Oracle is announced. So the Prime Oracle died on Friday night just hours after saying that he would die on Saturday. What does this say about the Oracle’s prediction ability?


  • Wade’s mention of the Lottery Winner’s Ball references first season’s The Luck of the Draw, also written by Jon Povill.
  • Genius boy wonder Quinn Mallory seems to be having trouble completing a Rubik’s Cube.
  • In Post Traumatic Slide SyndromePost Traumatic Slide SyndromeObsession, Bernie Massey’s blue Pontiac bears the exact same plate number as the ambulance, proving that even the DMV changes on alternate worlds.

History Lesson

In 1865, a young San Francisco psychic had a vision of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. He alerted the President and miraculously prevented his death. Lincoln was so impressed (and grateful one would assume) that he invented a Cabinet post called Prime Oracle. This Prime Oracle’s job was to predict natural and man made disasters and he ended up being so successful that the citizens of America soon came to trust and believe in psychic abilities. Thus, the America of this world has averted the disasters that befell alternate Americas. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, assassinations — all of these things are predicted, so those affected can make plans (in the event of a natural disaster) or prevent what’s to come by changing the outcome.

For instance, President John F. Kennedy was never killed in Dallas in 1963 — he survived until March of 1996 when he died at the age of 78 due to complications from Addison’s disease (a disease he had fought all of his life). Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. attended his funeral.

Because of the Prime Oracle’s influence, the President of the United States is now little more than a figurehead for the country because not even the president can question the Prime Oracle’s infinite wisdom.

On Psychic world, 10 per cent of the population possesses some sort of psychic ability. These people are recruited at a very young age to hone their skills at the National Academy For Seers in San Francisco. These “Oracles” are trained to perform different societal duties: medical diagnosis (no X-rays here because “doctors” can determine someone’s medical history just by using a hands-on approach), mineral exploration (gold mining on the moon), criminology (police make preventative arrests if a crime has been predicted and then re-arrest you if you actually commit the infraction).

The current Prime Oracle was appointed to the post when he was in his early 20s and his first years were rather controversial. Now, in the 1990s, the man is not well. He has already seen that he will die of a cerebral hemorrhage and thus he is responsible for hand-picking his successor. He chooses Derek Bond.

The Inside Slide

“To me ‘Obsession’ is middle-of-the-road,” says Tracy Tormé. “We really hadn’t done any strong Sabrina Lloyd shows and wanted a very powerful story. It was fun seeing Isaac Hayes in it, and I thought the ending was clever, the way we got out of the whole situation. The show was really more for our female fans; a romance novel-type show. Not one of my personal favorites, but solid.”

· · ·

Originally, Tormé was going to cast his father, Mel Tormé, in the role of the Prime Oracle. “I thought that was kind of dull. I thought ‘if we’re going to use him, let’s really use him.” As a result, the Velvet Fog made hisSliders debut in Greatfellas.

Guest Stars



  • Derek’s other servant.
  • The President of the United States.
  1. Malcolm Stewart played Alan Fontaine in Last Days.
  2. Sandra P. Grant portrays a Social Worker in San Francisco Maximum Security Penitentiary in El Sid.

In Brief

Teleplay by Jon Povill
Story by Jon Povill & Steve Brown
Production # K0808
Network # SL-208
Directed by Colin Bucksey
Music by Stephen Graziano
Edited by Edward Salier, A.C.E.



In Review


“Obsession” is the sleeper hit of the season. It simply doesn’t get its due. It not only features strong character development for both Quinn and Wade; it also has one of the most complex and well-developed plots of the series. This story actually utilizes foreshadowing!

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When the Sliders land in a world dominated by psychics, Wade encounters the man of her dreams, a powerful seer who may have loved Wade in a different life.