Season One


Originally aired: March 22, 1995

While researching anti-gravity, brilliant grad student Quinn Mallory accidentally opens an inter-dimensional portal which sends him and three companions on a cosmic roller-coaster ride to parallel Earths.

Summer of Love

Originally aired: April 19, 1995

The Sliders find themselves in a present-day San Francisco where the "Summer of Love" never ended – and Wade and Rembrandt are mistaken for extraterrestrial prophets.

Prince of Wails

Originally aired: April 12, 1995

In a world where England won the Revolutionary War, the Sliders are embroiled in an assassination plot involving the heir to the throne and an evil Sheriff of San Francisco.


Originally aired: March 29, 1995

When Wade is infected with a deadly virus on an Earth wracked by an epidemic, Rembrandt and Arturo race to find a cure and free Quinn from a Gestapo-like health agency.

Last Days

Originally aired: April 5, 1995

The salvation of a world facing destruction by an asteroid rests in the hands of Arturo and an overzealous young scientist. Meanwhile, Quinn and Wade Begin to face their feelings for each other.

The Weaker Sex

Originally aired: May 3, 1995

Arturo finds himself in a potentially deadly mayoral race in a world where men are treated as "the weaker sex" and women hold the positions of power and influence.


Originally aired: April 26, 1995

While Quinn struggles with fame in a world where intellect is prized, Arturo tries for a reconciliation with a long-lost love.

The King is Back

Originally aired: May 10, 1995

It looks like the King is back when Rembrandt is mistaken for a long-deceased rock legend, but an old enemy would like to see the Crying Man disappear again – permanently.

Luck of the Draw

Originally aired: May 17, 1995

Wade finds that she has money to burn when she wins the lottery in a seemingly utopian world, but she soon discovers that her silver cloud has a very dark lining.