Season Three

Double Cross

Originally aired: September 27, 1996

On a world that redefines urban sprawl, the Sliders befriend a beautiful woman who has the technology to send them home... but for a price.

Rules of the Game

Originally aired: September 20, 1996

Arturo is seriously injured when the Sliders become unwitting participants in a bloody game in which there is only one rule: stay alive.

Dead Man Sliding

Originally aired: November 29, 1996

In a case of mistaken identity, Quinn is arrested, tried and sentenced to death on TV, leaving the other Sliders scrambling to find the real culprit — Quinn's double.

Electric Twister Acid Test

Originally aired: October 4, 1996

When the timer's connection to a series of mysterious tornados sends the Sliders to a rural community, they discover the town's leader might hold the key to sliding out, if they can survive his despotic rule.

The Guardian

Originally aired: October 11, 1996

Quinn is forced to relive painful childhood memories when a slide to 1980s San Francisco brings him face to face with his younger self. But his efforts to change the future are hampered by the other Sliders, who warn that any tampering will produce grave consequences.

The Dream Masters

Originally aired: October 18, 1996

Wade becomes the target of a group of dream terrorists, who control people with their ability to tinker with the victim's innermost fears.

Desert Storm

Originally aired: November 1, 1996

After landing on a desert Earth with very little water, the Sliders become embroiled in a kidnapping scheme involving a water witch, a band of renegades and a man who may hold the key to Aquarius.


Originally aired: November 8, 1996

In a mystical world whose belief system consists of magic potions, dragons and illusions, a practitioner thinks Quinn comes from a powerful line of wizards — and must be eliminated.

The Fire Within

Originally aired: November 15, 1996

In a world consumed by mysterious fires, the Sliders discover what might be the culprit: a single flame, which seems to have a mind and a will of its own.

The Prince of Slides

Originally aired: November 22, 1996

When Rembrandt is mistaken for his royal double and impregnated with the heir to the throne, the Sliders have to help him give birth while outwitting an assassin who's cutting down the royal ranks one by one.

State of the Art

Originally aired: December 6, 1996

In a world ruled by automatons who've made humans obsolete, Quinn and Rembrandt become the guinea pigs in a ghastly experiment: the transplantation of their brains into robotic hosts.

Season’s Greedings

Originally aired: December 20, 1996

All is not calm for the Sliders, whose Christmas is spent in a giant mall where customers run up outlandish bills, then become virtual prisoners while trying to pay them off.

Murder Most Foul

Originally aired: January 3, 1997

Arturo is kidnapped and brainwashed into thinking he's a great 19th-century detective investigating real murders in a world where assuming different identities is the norm.

Slide Like an Egyptian

Originally aired: January 17, 1997

The Sliders land in a world resembling ancient Egypt, where Quinn is used for a life-after-death experiment, and the others are entombed inside a pyramid.

Paradise Lost

Originally aired: January 31, 1997

The Sliders touch down on a seemingly idyllic town where the residents all look young but seem fearful of their new visitors, who soon discover the dirty secret to their hosts' youth.

The Last of Eden

Originally aired: March 28, 1997

On a world plagued by earthquakes and populated by primitive people, Wade stumbles upon a vast, deserted underground city overrun by a race of nonhuman creatures.

The Exodus, part I

Originally aired: February 21, 1997

In a militaristic America threatened with irradiation by a pulsar, a colonel decides who'll be saved — and who'll be left to die.

The Exodus, part II

Originally aired: February 28, 1997

As doomsday looms, Quinn and Maggie race to find a suitable parallel world, but discover that Rickman has a deadly ulterior motive for finding such a world.

Sole Survivors

Originally aired: March 7, 1997

The Sliders encounter a world infected by bacteria that transforms the inhabitants into flesh-eating zombie-like creatures — one of which takes a bite out of Quinn.

The Other Slide of Darkness

Originally aired: April 11, 1997

Hot on Rickman's trail, the Sliders encounter an old acquaintance who may have unleashed the devastation of the Kromagg Dynasty.

The Breeder

Originally aired: March 14, 1997

On a world with a mandatory organ donor program, the Sliders race to cure Maggie of a parasite from another world that has taken control of her body for the purposes of reproducing.


Originally aired: May 9, 1997

Wade falls under the spell of a gothic-rock band's charismatic lead singer, who — unbeknownst to Wade — is also a full-blooded vampire with a taste for young groupies.


Originally aired: April 25, 1997

Quinn and Rembrandt must race to reunite with Maggie and Wade after a vacation from hell separates them in tropical Southern California with a crooked researcher and a pair of psychic snakes.


Originally aired: May 2, 1997

When the Sliders track Rickman back to the colony they helped establish, they find it's been ravaged by a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex as well as the colonel.

This Slide of Paradise

Originally aired: May 16, 1997

The final showdown between the Sliders and Colonel Rickman takes place on an island inhabited by bizarre hybrid creatures created by a mad scientist.