Season Four


Originally aired: June 8, 1998

Quinn and Maggie finally track Wade and Rembrandt's wormhole only to find their homecoming bittersweet, as Kromaggs have overrun their world. Quinn also learns a shocking discovery about his past that could help liberate his home world.

Prophets and Loss

Originally aired: June 8, 1998

When Quinn, Rembrandt and Maggie land on a world dominated by religious fundamentalism, their research into the Oracle's sliding technology reveals extortion and genocide of the people in return for passage to Paradise.

Common Ground

Originally aired: June 15, 1998

When Maggie inadvertently saves the life of a high-ranking Kromagg, the Sliders must take advantage of his gratefulness to stop a powerful weapon capable of ripping humans apart — atom by atom.

Virtual Slide

Originally aired: June 22, 1998

Feelings for Quinn are brought to the surface and the secrets of sliding are stolen when Maggie finds herself immersed in an addictive virtual reality simulation.

World Killer

Originally aired: June 29, 1998

Population control takes on a whole new meaning when the Sliders discover one of Quinn's doubles slid his world's population to another by accident.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Originally aired: July 6, 1998

After tracking down Quinn's long-lost brother Colin, the Sliders take him along only to find his naivety may have gotten him involved in a bizarre criminal syndicate that steals cryogenically frozen bodies.

Just Say Yes

Originally aired: July 13, 1998

Maggie's hot temper leads to her indoctrination into a world that mandates drug use.

The Alternateville Horror

Originally aired: July 20, 1998

When the group arrives on an Earth decimated by acid rain, they escape the weather by checking into a version of the Chandler Hotel plagued by mysterious paranormal activity.


Originally aired: July 27, 1998

Quinn and Colin learn the coordinates to their home world, but find the route home is blocked by the Slidecage - a huge labyrinth that keeps anyone - human or Kromagg - from making it to Kromagg Prime.


Originally aired: August 17, 1998

Rembrandt falls for a doctor who may hold the key to saving Quinn's life. Trouble is, Maggie discovers the woman is a Kromagg collaborator on the run from the British secret service.

California Reich

Originally aired: August 24, 1998

The group arrives on an Earth where California has been taken over by racists, who capture Rembrandt and place him in a prison camp used to turn non-whites into faceless slaves.

The Dying Fields

Originally aired: August 31, 1998

The Sliders land in the middle of a training ground for Kromagg-human hybrids who are using people stolen from parallel earths as target practice.

Lipschitz Live

Originally aired: November 30, 1998

The gang is separated during a slide to a world where a perpetually airing tabloid-TV show offers their only hope of a reunion. Also, Colin is mistaken for his double and is betrothed to a woman as part of a bizarre corporate merger.

Mother and Child

Originally aired: December 7, 1998

A woman and her half-Kromagg son join the gang as they travel to her home Earth, where an anti-Kromagg virus may prove deadly to the newborn.

Net Worth

Originally aired: January 11, 1999

The gang arrives on an Earth divided between computer-hackers and computer-lackers, and battles ruthless scavengers to unite a young couple who fell in love on-line.

Slide by Wire

Originally aired: January 18, 1999

When Maggie's double takes her place on the slide, Maggie must avoid becoming a glorified computer simulator while Quinn, Rembrandt and Colin unearth the mystery of their friend's radical new behavior.

Data World

Originally aired: March 19, 1999

When the Sliders find themselves trapped in a completely virtual Chandler Hotel run by the enigmatic Archibald Chandler, they enlist the aid of a spirited hacker to escape and make their way back to the real world.

Way Out West

Originally aired: March 26, 1999

The Sliders encounter an old foe on a frontier earth and uncover his land-grabbing scheme while searching for a wounded Colin.

My Brother’s Keeper

Originally aired: April 2, 1999

It's a battle of ideologies between Quinn and his father when Quinn is mistaken for an escaped clone of his double. While Maggie and Rembrandt look for an avenue of escape for their friend, Colin teaches the clone the meaning of family and sacrifice.

The Chasm

Originally aired: April 9, 1999

Rembrandt and Maggie are put to the test emotionally when a short slide lands them in a town where collective bad feelings are transferred to one person, and Quinn's newfound bliss isn't helping matters.

Roads Taken

Originally aired: April 16, 1999

When Quinn and Maggie are separated from Rembrandt and Colin during a weird slide, a mysterious stranger claiming to be their son in a parallel universe may hold the key to saving them from a bizarre malady.


Originally aired: April 23, 1999

After discovering an exile from Quinn and Colin's home world, the Sliders travel to Kromagg Prime only to find that their homecoming isn't what they imagined it would be.