Critical Essays

Paradise Lost – The Comic

Earth Prime reviews Paradise Lost: The Comic Book. Yes, this actually exists!

Salvaging “Stoker”

At the end of the day, "Stoker" is still an episode about vampires. But with a greater focus on the central conflict between Quinn and Wade, a more consistent mythology for the parallel world, and a lot more intelligence, we have an episode remembered more for how it took something insane and sort of made it work than as just another of the late season failures that cost "Sliders" its place on network television.

Genesis: The Destruction of the Sliders concept

In 46 minutes, the fourth season premiere, "Genesis," effectively destroys the Sliders storytelling engine and ruins the plausibility of the characters. 46 minutes. That’s got to be some kind of record.

Abusing The Audience

Has any show ever abused its loyal audience as much as Sliders did?

Comics vs. The Screen

When the Acclaim comic series was introduced, it was hailed as a way to do all the things the show could not given budget restraints, risky content, or technical limitations. Yet when all was said and done, almost every comic made its way on screen in one form or another. This raises a fairly obvious question: if all stories ended up on television anyway, why bother with the comics? In this essay, we'll take a look at how at how each comic stacked up against its on screen counterpart. It's print media versus electronic media. Who will prevail?

“The Guardian” — A Critique

Matt Hutaff takes a look at the Production Draft of "The Guardian" — Tracy Tormé's original vision, and wonders if total autonomy is necessarily a good thing.

“The Guardian” — A Defense

Mike Truman's love of "The Guardian" extends to the original scripted version, which he feels is a diamond in the rough.

Are the Reticulans Sliders?

The fifth season episode "The Return of Maggie Beckett" introduced an interstellar civilization known as the Reticulans. Or are they? Evidence points to the fact that the Reticulans are in fact a sliding civilization, and that they've been visited by the Kromaggs.