Odds and Ends

Tracy Torme (1959-2024)

Sliders co-creator Tracy Tormé passed away January 4, 2024 of complications from diabetes. The Earth Prime crew weigh in and offer condolences.

Martin Izsak Reviews Sliders

The craziest thing about reviewing Sliders is that, sometimes, reviews fly under the radar. But a serendipitous Google search led us to Martin Izsak and his comprehensive thoughts on the show.

Casting Season Three

The casting process of each season three episode is now available for fans to pore over thanks to extensive documentation provided to Earth Prime.

Sliders Recruit-to-View Test

Prepare yourself for one of the most in-depth looks into how a television network figures out what the hell to do with its signature show after the lead actor walks away from the series.

Promoting Sliders

Take a peek into the efforts the Sci-Fi Channel undertook to keep Sliders alive and in front of fans during the ramp-up to new season four episodes

“Slide Effects” – The Screenplay

In 2009, series co-creator Tracy Tormé shared an idea for a Sliders story designed to restore his original cast and concept in a single episode.

Warehouse 13 – “QED”

Read Matt and Mike's "Warehouse 13" writing sample, which sends Myka and Pete off in pursuit of the dimension-hopping van once owned by Richard Feynman.

The Original “Easy Slider”

For those of you wondering how "Easy Slider" started with Kari in leather but never featured her in anything but dowdy dungarees, Janet Saunders' pitch about a Maggie romance – complete with polygamy! – might fill in some of the blanks.

Black and Bluesy : The Original Java Jive

Read "Black and Bluesy," the original pitch by Janét Saunders & Jennifer McGinnis that became the fifth season episode "The Java Jive."

Casting Sheet: “Colonel Bad Guy”

Catch a glimpse at the casting process for "The Exodus" with this casting sheet for Angus Rickman, aka "Colonel Bad Guy."

Casting Sheet: “Maggie”

The role of Maggie Beckett, aka The Recurring Air Force Girl, was cast toward the end of 1996. Inside you'll find the idea list John A. Aiello and Dino Ladki submitted to ​Sliders​ executive producers David Peckinpah and Alan Barnette for the part.

Heat of the Moment

The greatest "lost episode" in Sliders history comes a little bit closer to being unearthed with a treatment written by the author himself, Tracy Tormé.

Proposed Season 5 Episodes

Remember that episode where the Sliders landed on the world with werewolves? Or that one where Vincent Turk builds a Kromagg-killing laser beam? Remember Derek Quade? You don't? That's because a ton of pre-production on the fifth season was ultimately scrapped, but thanks to the diligent investigative work of the Expert, you can read all about a season that never was.

Season 5 Rumors

In addition to over a dozen story ideas that were never produced are the rumors about Season Five. Read reports about shoots in a mall that never materialized and about the purported return of Conrad Bennish, Jr. here.

Season 4 Rumors

When Sliders was canceled after the 1996-7 Fox season, the Internet community went into overdrive. There was a huge letter writing campaign to resurrect the show, and rumors immediately began to swirl about the show's future. The information below tracks the rumor mill's progress for the fourth season from way out wackiness to confirmed reports.