Casting Season Three

Posted: November 06, 2015

Season Three Casting documents

As you browse through the following documents, you’ll come to a few conclusions:

  • Kari Wuhrer was going to appear on the show in one form or another;
  • Melinda Clarke was going to appear on the show no matter what; and
  • someone on the Sliders production team really likes Billy Idol.

What follows are near-complete casting documents for each episode of the third season of Sliders. You’ll see the casting calls (complete with original names/characters and plots that were later discarded), the final casting, wish lists for actors, and the oftentimes exhaustive casting session sheets that went into getting guest stars.

You’ll be surprised who comes up over and over again — and who could have been cast. Would you imagine Clint Howard in the role of the lead Dream Master? Or perhaps you prefer Amy Smart, Linda Cardellini, or Danica McKellar as Devin in “Desert Storm?” In a show about what-ifs, this peek into the hiring process opens as many doors to parallel universes as the timer.

Download the Notes

Double Cross K1801
Rules of the Game K1805
Dead Man Sliding K1804
Electric Twister Acid Test K1809
The Guardian K1803
The Dream Masters K1807
Desert Storm K1810
Dragonslide K1816
The Fire Within K1814
The Prince of Slides K1808
State of the Art K1813
Season’s Greedings K1806
Murder Most Foul K1815
Slide Like an Egyptian K1817
Paradise Lost K1818
The Last of Eden K1820
The Exodus K1824/K1825
Sole Survivors K1819
The Other Slide of Darkness K1802
The Breeder K1823
Stoker K1827
Slither K1829
Dinoslide K1826
This Slide of Paradise K1828

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