Martin Izsak Reviews Sliders

Posted: November 20, 2015

42234The craziest thing about reviewing Sliders (aside from generating hundreds of thousands of words of critique about a television show) is that sometimes those reviews fly completely under the radar. Some of the comments previously hosted by Earth Prime have found a home at Gate Haven, but until a serendipitous Google search to clean up bad links from the latest site redesign, we’d never heard of Martin Izsak – or seen his comprehensive take on our favorite show.

And, boy, is it comprehensive! If you’re looking for another critical voice beyond Earth Prime, Izsak is a one-stop shop. “I’ve been to your Earth Prime site a number of times in years past, and enjoyed reading the reviews there,” he says. “It’s always fun to see where my views are different, and where there is agreement.”

Indeed. So take a spin around his universe and enjoy these reviews. And if you read these long ago and are scratching your head over how we just stumbled across them, feel free to call us out on our laziness below!

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