Promoting Sliders

Posted: October 23, 2015

Sliders Repeats (On-Air and Off-Air)In 1998, the Sci-Fi Channel (SFC) began to gear up for the release of the fourth season of Sliders. Part of the campaign to raise awareness for the show’s move was a strategic re-airing of 13 FOX episodes prior to the premiere of Genesis. If you’re wondering how much thought was put into this effort, read the Brief Directive Earth Prime is making available below.

The document outlines the problems FOX had in marketing the show or, in fact, determining its genre. From there, author Alex Terapane discusses competitive considerations (remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer on The WB?), who the target audience is, and how to get them to actually watch the new episodes.

The memo is a fascinating look into how to market Sliders to the right audience and is clearly written by a fan:

A show I really enjoy – which provokes me to re-evaluate how I view my own reality and appreciate it more has found the perfect new home on SFC, where it will ultimately be heading into a new and more exciting direction with 22 original episodes.

Download the PDF and take a peek into the efforts SFC undertook to keep Sliders alive and in front of fans.

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