“Slide Effects” – The Screenplay

Posted: October 16, 2015


In a 2009 interview, Sliders co-creator Tracy Tormé revealed how he would have repaired his series if given the chance.

Faced with cast changes and plots he didn’t care for, Tormé devised a one-episode story to restore the show’s original cast and concept.

“Slide Effects” begins with the original Sliders finding themselves back home. In fact, it’s like they never left. Time has been rewound back to the Pilot and the original quartet is alive and well. Wade’s employed at Doppler Computers, Arturo is teaching, and Rembrandt is working on his musical career.

“Quinn is the only one that remembers sliding and he feels like he’s losing his mind,” said Tormé. “All familiar and important characters are here and Quinn is relentlessly trying to prove to his friends that they actually went sliding.” In Tormé’s tale, Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo will arrive at a shocking confrontation that leads to a new beginning for the series.

The story was originally conceived in 1996 during the production of the third season of Sliders, shortly before Tormé left his series to spend more time with his family. He imagined that if he were to return as showrunner in the future, “Slide Effects” could reverse any unwelcome developments made during his absence. Had Tormé regained control of Sliders in Season 4, “Slide Effects” would have been his season premiere.

This fan-created screenplay, written in 2011, brings Tormé’s “Slide Effects” to life in a 46-page script taking place immediately after “The Seer.”

“Slide Effects” was also reviewed in an episode of the Sliders Rewatch podcast.

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