Warehouse 13 – “QED”

Posted: June 10, 2013

“Warehouse 13” is a SyFy Channel original series chronicling the adventures of a secret organization cataloging “artifacts” — everyday items imbued with extraordinary powers. They’ve found Neptune’s trident (causes devastating earthquakes), Harriet Tubman’s thimble (shapeshifting), and Ferdinand Magellan’s astrolabe (turn back time for one day). It’s a fun show that does a good job balancing the silly with the serious, and if you haven’t checked it out, do so.

With news that the series will end with a six-episode fifth season next year, Mike and I thought we’d dust off our spec script for the show written last year. Titled “QED,” the script sends Myka and Pete off in pursuit of the dimension-hopping van once owned by Richard Feynman.

Why Richard Feynman?

Richard Feynman’s vanBecause he’s awesome. Seriously, take a look at his van – it’s pure mid-80s Pasadena California madness. Who else but the most laid back quantum physics genius would buy a 1975 Dodge Maxivan and festoon it with a number of illustrated quantum equations? Cal Tech didn’t know what it had — so Mike and I filled in the blanks, with a trip to Doc Brown’s mansion as part of the journey.

The script is available for download here. Read it, share it, and if you’re an agent, we’re available for assignments. 🙂 What does this have to do with Sliders? Well, it features parallel worlds, which is more than you can say about The Dream Masters.


Download the Script

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