Jacob Epstein

Written by: Matt Hutaff · December 17, 2018

Former "Sliders" executive producer Jacob Epstein talks about how to run a show, how to properly rewrite a script (for no credit), and the politics of making television during the first two seasons.

Robert Floyd Looks Back on Sliders

Written by: Ibrahim Ng · June 12, 2015

15 years after speaking Sliders’ final line of dialogue, Robert Floyd shares memories of his acting career, Season 5, and life after Sliders.

Tracy Tormé: The 2009 Interview

Written by: Matt Hutaff · July 09, 2009

In which Tracy states categorically which Arturo slid, how he'd planned to tackle season four, and what a Bennish-filled season five might have looked like. Among many other things. A must-read.

Jeff Gomez, part 2

Written by: Matt Hutaff · April 15, 2008

Former Sliders comic editor Jeff Gomez concludes his interview with Earth Prime by talking about "Get a Life," the realities of comic production, canceled and scrapped ideas, and how the series stacks up against its televised counterpart.

Jeff Gomez, part 1

Written by: Matt Hutaff · April 01, 2008

In this first part of a two-part interview, former Sliders comic editor Jeff Gomez discusses the duties, the highs, and the lows of producing comics for Acclaim Entertainment.

Jon Povill, part 2

Written by: Matt Hutaff · March 01, 2008

In the second part of an ongoing interview, Sliders Producer Jon Povill talks at lengths about the origin of the storyline and the internal politics that fueled its production (and cliffhanger).

Jon Povill, part 1

Written by: Matt Hutaff · February 15, 2008

The Sliders' writer and producer talks about getting the job, writing the scripts, abandoned concepts, "Twisted Cross," and his favorite episode in the first of a multi-part interview.

Lee Goldberg

Written by: Matt Hutaff · December 01, 2006

The writer of "Prince of Wails" talks about being first, the joys of a good showrunner, and the distaste he has for certain pompous blowhard commentators!

Zina Saunders and David O. Miller

Written by: Matt Hutaff · October 24, 2006

The artists behind Inkwork's Alternate Worlds talk about their influences, styles and the art they created that's become a part of Sliders lore.

Steven Kriozere

Written by: Matt Hutaff · March 21, 2005

The outspoken (and often zombified) writer of "Sole Survivors" talks about selling your first pitch, rejected story ideas and the realities of a freelance television writer.

Cleavant Derricks

Written by: Matt Hutaff · May 01, 2000

In April 2000, Earth Prime sat down with Sliders star Cleavant Derricks. Read the exclusive interview where he talks about being the only surviving original cast member, behind the scenes trivia, and his thoughts on the franchise.

Keith Damron

Written by: Earth Prime · October 31, 1998

Story Editor Keith Damron jumps online to talk to the fans in this infamous SCIFI.COM interview

Marc Scott Zicree : Sliders Cybercon ’98

Written by: Matt Hutaff · January 26, 1998

As part of the Sliders Online Convention held January 26, 1998, Sliders producer/writer Marc Scott Zicree agreed to sit down and answer questions from the fans.

Marc Scott Zicree

Written by: Lloyd Quinto · December 08, 1997

Lloyd Quinto emailed head writer Marc Scott Zicree to welcome him to the show and wish him well. Along with the email, he sent a series of questions related to the fourth season of and was quite surprised when he actually responded with detailed, exciting, shocking and very honest answers!

Flashback: Tracy Tormé – DragonCon 1997

Written by: Earth Prime · June 27, 1997

The chat that started it all. Take a trip back in time to 1997 and read about the struggle for the show going on between the third and fourth seasons. As we all know, unfortunately, the wrong team won.

Interview with Robert K. Weiss

Written by: Earth Prime · January 01, 1997

Sliders co-creator Robert K. Weiss has been with Sliders since day one, and has gladly immersed himself into the Sliders comics as well. Jeof Vita chats with him about the show and the comic, and discovered some of the secrets behind Sliders' fascinating science fictional back story.

Interview with Jerry O’Connell

Written by: Earth Prime · November 01, 1996

Jerry's story "Narcotica" turns out to be a provocative and controversial tale about a world where the taking of hard drugs is not only legal, but encouraged by the government. One can see why such a topic might be considered "taboo" for prime-time television.

Interview with D.G. Chichester

Written by: Earth Prime · October 01, 1996

Jeof Vita sits with comics writer D.G. Chichester to get his take on the madness and the mayhem that is Sliders.

Interview with Tracy Tormé

Written by: Earth Prime · June 01, 1996

Recently, Jeof Vita had the opportunity to talk about the show, science fiction and comics, with Sliders creator Tracy Tormé.