Sliders: Reborn

“Regenesis” (6)

Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo make their final stand for the fate of all realities in the series finale of Sliders.

“Revolution” (5)

Trapped in a deadly situation, Quinn Mallory is confronted by a spectre of the past -- an old friend from whom he has no secrets.

“Reminiscence” (4)

In 2001, Dr. Matthew Liebling encounters a peculiar mental patient -- a man who claims to be an interdimensional traveller.

“Revelation” (3)

Who is Laurel Hills? What are the strange clocks scattered across reality, counting down in perfect sync? And what is the secret of 1995? The Sliders must find answers before time runs out.

“Reunion” (2)

In 1995, Quinn Mallory and his friends found the gateway to parallel worlds. Twenty years later, the original Sliders must step back into the vortex and begin their adventures once again.

“Reprise” (1)

The last original Slider. A prophecy of death. A home in ruins. And a last-ditch effort to save his world as Rembrandt leapt into an unstable wormhole. Find out what was waiting for him on the other side.