Same Planet, Different Dimension
(Season Two Intro).

Another season, another credits sequence. It’s a little weird to me that every season has at least a slightly different intro. Every theme is different, until season 4-5 settle on the ‘variation of season 3 theme’ they had.

It all smacks of a directionlessness, a huge floating question mark of “what kind of show is this?” Which is a question darkly echoed by “how can we get people to watch this show?”

I suppose season one’s “TECHNO BEAT SHOTS SHOTS YEAH” method didn’t work? I’m not sure, not being able to relive 1995, what exactly wasn’t working. Was Sliders supposed to be an X-Files like cult success? Was that the intention? I can’t say for sure— but I guess the show wasn’t up to snuff.

One thing that I suppose is an improvement (in theme song) is that the tone of Season Two gels better than Season One’s did. Throbbing Techno doesn’t really mix well with, say, quiet character moments and wondering if you’re home or not. Season Two is supposed to be more action-oriented and exciting (!!!) and so it has a snappy (but not too snappy) theme to go with it.

It’s got ladies singing! Dark Side-style! “YeAAAaaaaHhHHAHAHAHHHHH” That sort of thing. It’s got guitar chords! Poundin’! It’s exciting. I’ll be frank, it’s my favorite theme (yes, I’ve picked one). It’s probably the guitar solo.

But more important than the guitar solo, and the real reason why we’re looking at the credit sequences, is what shots they use from the series. And, of course, watching the intro sequence and the rest of any episode is like watching two different shows. This season is more or less a laundry list of every “use of the budget that probably got us in trouble,” with the vortex showing up in every shot, all two explosions we’ve seen on the show so far, and Wade looking like she’s DTF.

It’s not fair to the show, really. Even post “re-tooling,” Season Two is still better at small moments, exchanges of thoughtful character moments rather than BIG EXPLOSIONS ALL THE TIME. The show just doesn’t have a good enough writing team to pull off an action show. Plus, the characters weren’t cast in that regard. So it will always be weird to have Arturo running so much. He’s a scientist, not Indiana Jones (har har).

So throughout the series, we’ll find that the credit sequence is basically the network’s dream of what they want the show to be, regardless of what it actually is.

Next week, though, we’ll have an episode that gets closer to the ‘action’ promise of the credits (not that close). Thankfully, it is better than Last Week’s attempt.

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