Sliders Press Kits

Press kits are pre-packaged materials given to various media outlets for promotional use. They usually include production information, photographs, actor biographies, episode synopses and press releases so that newspapers, magazines and television can “sell” the show properly. Oftentimes electronic press kits are also made available with cast interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

Earth Prime has been fortunate enough to obtain press kit and release information for every season of Sliders. The coverage per season varies, but there’s some rare and never-before-seen documentation contained below. To conserve bandwidth, please save each link to your hard drive to view them.

Season One

We have a full press kit, press releases for each episode and electronic interviews for the show’s first season. Of particular interest should be the press releases for each episode, as several contain information based on early script drafts that didn’t make it into the final product.

  • Sliders Season 1 Press Kit: Contains Sliders Fact Sheet, Production Notes, Cast and Producer biographies and 10 black and white photo sheets promoting the cast and the episodes “Summer of Love” and “Fever;
  • Sliders Season 1 Press Kit (no photography): The same as the above, minus the photographs;
  • #83584: “Sliders” press release;
  • #70401: Summer of Love” press release;
  • #70402: “Fever” press release;
  • #70403: “Prince of Wails” press release;
  • #70404: “Last Days” press release;
  • #70405: “Eggheads” press release;
  • #70406: “The Weaker Sex” press release;
  • #70408: “The King is Back” press release; and
  • #70409: “Luck of the Draw” press release.

Interviews with the cast are also available courtesy of the Season 1 Electronic Press Kit.

Season Two

We have several press releases from the start of the show’s second second archived below:

  • #K0803: “Love Gods” press release;
  • #K0807: “Into the Mystic” press release; and
  • #K0810: “Gillian of the Spirits” press release.

Season Three

We have a full press kit for the third season.

  • Season 3 Press Kit: Contains Sliders Fact Sheet, Show Description, Cast and Producer biographies and 4 black and white photo sheets promoting the cast.

Season Four

For the fourth season, Earth Prime has a full press kit, episode synopses, ratings information, various press releases and never-before-seen drafts of promotional material sent out to the press.

  • Season 4 Press Kit: Contains press releases touting the show’s move to the SCIFI Channel, black and white and color photos, “Slide Effects” show trivia, cast and production credits and cast and production biographies;
  • Episode Synopses: An 11-page document that summarizes 17 of the 22 fourth season episodes;
  • Premiere Ratings: The SCIFI Channel’s press release showcasing the high cable ratings for the “Genesis”/”Prophets and Loss” premiere; and
  • Online Slides: A press release advertising the Online Slides written in collaboration with fourth season episodes.

Behind-the-scenes memoranda

  • SCIFI Channel publicity plan: A February 1998 memo outlining the SCIFI Channel’s marketing strategy for the fourth season, including its re-branding and media venues each actor would be most likely to approach each actor;
  • Draft press release: A rough draft of the March 19, 1998 press release found in the press kit. Dated March 2, it contains coarser text and hand-written notes correcting the release; and
  • Draft “Slide Effects” notes: A rough draft of the ‘Slide Effects’ trivia included in the press kit. Two pages long as there are hand-written notes everywhere (including the back of the page), this also includes a direct reference to the JODSers before they wrote a different trivia nugget.

Season Five

We have a press kit for the fifth season as well as a press release announcing full syndication of Sliders.

  • Season 5 Press Kit: Contains 3 press releases, cast and production credits and cast and production biographies; and
  • Sliders syndication: AMarch 1999 press release announcing that old episodes of Sliders will air in daily rotation, with new fifth season episodes erroneously set to air on Friday nights starting in March.