Sliders Script Collection

The Script Archive has been created as a one stop shop for dozens of Sliders scripts from throughout the show’s run. Each script is downloadable as a text-searchable PDF file and is virtually identical to what production used to film the episodes.

Some of the scripts are exceedingly rare (like Steve Kriozere’s Arturo draft of Sole Survivors), and many episodes have several drafts so that you can chart the story’s development. Feel free to download them, read them, and keep them for your collection.

More scripts will be added as time permits. If you don’t see an episode represented below, have a script for it and would like to donate it to the Archive, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Season One


Summer of Love

Prince of Wails



Jon Povill’s two drafts of what became “Eggheads” take a “start from scratch” approach to Scott Smith Miller’s story. You’ll see continuity with “The Weaker Sex,” Bennish in play, and some very surprising differences to Mindgame and Arturo’s relationship with his wife.

Luck of the Draw

Notes: Jon Povill’s Writer’s Draft is the earliest known draft for this episode, and contains expanded romance between Quinn and Wade, Richard Simmons, and a vastly different ending and explanation for this world’s take on population control. The 2nd Yellow Revisions includes the hilarious “Amazing Discoveries” infomercial for death products that was ultimately cut for time considerations.

Season Two

Into the Mystic

Notes: The Blue Revisions for “Into the Mystic” has the “Greatfellas” teaser tacked on to it because of FOX’s indecisiveness towards paying off the first season cliffhanger.

El Sid

Love Gods



Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome

In Dino Veritas

Notes: The Production Draft for this episode features Geraldo Rivera prominently as a fifth Slider who follows the gang from Truth World only to be eaten by dinosaurs during a candid interview with Quinn.

Season Three

The Guardian

Notes: Vastly different from what aired, the Production Draft has Quinn moving into his double’s house, Arturo getting engaged and more pseudoscience than you can shake a stick at.

The Dream Masters

The Prince of Slides

Notes: This script is titled with the episode’s original name, “The Once and Future King.”

State of the Art

Notes: This draft is saddled with a timer malfunction subplot that is never adequately resolved on the page (which is probably why it was cut in the first place).

Season’s Greedings

Slide Like an Egyptian

Sole Survivors

Notes: For a show whose basis is steeped in “what if?,” this script is the ultimate in what could have been.

Sole Survivors was one of several scripts originally commissioned and written with Professor Arturo in mind. However, when John Rhys-Davies was fired, it needed to be radically retooled to remove Arturo and replace it with the character of Maggie Beckett (Kari Wuhrer). Obviously, the dynamic of the story would need to change as well — Maggie had no prior knowledge that could help Quinn’s infection. Until now, just how much the story changed was unknown. We liken it to Fever on speed, with Arturo again rushing to develop a cure for that world’s plague so that Quinn can be saved. The alt-history is a little smarter, the zombie effects a little less horrific. There’s even some dry humor that Sliders fans should appreciate. See for yourself.

Season Four


Prophets and Loss

Common Ground

Virtual Slide

World Killer

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

The Alternateville Horror


California Reich

The Dying Fields

Lipschitz Live

Mother and Child

Net Worth

Data World

Way Out West

My Brother’s Keeper

The Chasm

Roads Taken

Notes: This draft doesn’t feature the bizarre time paradox viewers ended up seeing in the finished version.


Notes: The Production Draft of “Revelations” doesn’t feature the Colin-as-spy resolution we were looking for, but it does include an effeminate librarian in love with Quinn’s… intellect.

Season Five

The Unstuck Man

Applied Physics

Strangers and Comrades

New Gods for Old

Please Press One

A Current Affair

The Java Jive

The Return of Maggie Beckett


Notes: This rare Writer’s Draft of “Requiem” is entitled “Mind Games” and features Michael Reaves’ big budget Manta Dreadnought invasion of Kromagg Prime, a “slidewash” effect and Wade’s clearly defined sacrifice to save the multiverse.

Heavy Metal

To Catch a Slider

The Seer

Other Scripts

Tracy Tormé’s “Dark City”

“It’s a Raymond Chandler-type piece set in the near future, a world where the environment has changed radically. The greenhouse effect has kicked in. It has gotten very hot. People now have to stay out of the sun. The whole city basically comes alive at night. Sunlight is sort of lethal.”

This was how Tracy Tormé described his follow-up foray into science fiction in 1995. A series originally set to premiere on HBO, Dark City never materialized. That doesn’t mean you can’t find out what Tormé was building, however, because the script for the series pilot is available for download here.