Android World

Dimensional Coordinates: 183.428.908.253
Divergence Date: 1970s

Be the last human all over again on Android World, where a handful of emotionally unstable robots slaughtered the entire human population!

Parallel History

A caveat: we know the sky’s purple, thus shifting the deviation date back billions of years, but since this doesn’t seem to have changed any human development on this planet, we’ll stick with concrete historical changes.

James Aldohn, a cyberneticist that wasn’t born on Earth Prime, created a functional android that looked and interacted like a human being. A brilliant young man, he modeled the androids after himself and those he loved.

The androids were introduced into the workforce to perform menial labor and eventually supplanted much of the labor globally. Cheap, productive and on-call 24 hours a day, they were a valuable addition to society.

However, human paranoia being what it is, created a state of fear in the populace. Rather than goofing off and living the life of luxury afforded to a society where the worker class is made up of automata, they began destroying the robots. A caste of these robots programmed with Emotional Response Intelligence (mainly sexual surrogates) units rebelled against the humans, and amazingly killed all of them.

All 5 billion people? Against around 5,000 androids? Hey, we’ve seen weirder things — check out Angel World.

Anyway, Aldohn Robotic Technologies (A.R.T.) tried to recall the ERI units. There are still about 3,000 left out there, along with a huge population of emotionless robots.

Aldohn himself died in 1989, his brain placed into a replicant of his body. The replicant was de-activated in 1996.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

You'll be treated as a god here. Just don't rough-house with any androids — they're far stronger than the average human.

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