Dimensional Coordinates: SLIDING CIV
Divergence Date: Never.

Look out, Alexandria and Library of Congress. This floating chunk of technology catalogs the entire history of billions of parallel cultures.

Parallel History

The Archive isn’t a parallel world, per se. What it is is a massive artificial construct created to house the complete history of billions of parallel worlds.

Placed inside hyperspace and usually shielded from random travelers, the Archive was discovered by MultiDim scientists a few years ago. This discovery has paved the way for an entire new way to look at history, and our collaboration with the creators of this remarkable facility has shed light on previously murky historical fact.

At any given time, over 100 people work in the facility, testing out stable dimensional coordinates, sending out scouts and detailing the records of every culture they come across. The music of Frank Sinatra, for example, isn’t limited to his collection on Earth Prime; it’s an entire catalog encompassing every song every Frank Sinatra come across has ever sung. You never thought Ol’ Blue Eyes would sing a duet with Easy E, did you?

You thought wrong.

For anyone but a devout historian, this place is dull, dull, dull. But with Kromaggs on the loose, the Archive’s records may very well provide a chronicle of all of the Earth’s adventures.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Only available to educators and government administrators with class C-22 clearance.

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