Baseball World

Dimensional Coordinates: 908.563.567.092
Divergence Date: Ancient times.

Say goodbye to football. This world has only one national pastime, and it is baseball!

Parallel History

It takes a lot of minor influences in history to eradicate football. Somehow, this world managed to do it.

The notion of football has existed for thousands of years and shows its origins in ancient Greek culture. Classical literature of the times describes “harpaston,” a wild, more ferocious precursor that involved kicking and carrying the ball. Flash forward to 12th century England, where the sport became so popular it was banned by kings to keep warriors focused. Eventually, this evolved into both soccer (kicking) and rugby (carrying).

None of this happened on Baseball World.

When the idea of baseball took hold in the United States in the 19th century, the rest of the world picked up on it and embraced it for the boring, stat-heavy obsession it was. Today, hundreds of teams from around the world participate in regional, national and international play much like the World Cup on Earth Prime. Demand for baseball is so high that video games simulating at bats popped up everywhere instead of Pong. This world literally cannot get enough.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Whatever you do, don't play football or soccer. You'll undoubtedly unleash radical social change that this world simply cannot handle.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Bobby "Two Shoes" Zimmerman? Sent a telegram home to his mom telling her he'd been drafted.

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