Battlefield Earth

Dimensional Coordinates: RESTRICTED
Divergence Date: 1980

No, the name of this world isn't a spoof on that awful John Travolta film. Welcome to a world where violence and warfare is a part of life! The U.S. is gone, buddy — get used to it.

Parallel History

After Jimmy Carter was elected to a second term as president, the U.S. suffered the most devastating economic collapse ever. Laws became obsolete and it was every man, woman and child for themselves as factions started a giant Civil War for control of the nation.. The ensuing years following became the darkest days ever, as the United States ceased to be and anarchy reigned supreme.

Travel Advisory


Off limits. Sorry. Upon discovering this world, a couple of transdimensionally advanced societies began dumping their criminals here, so it hasn't gotten any better.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Trust us. You don't want to know what Washington, D.C. looks like.

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