Biggest World

Dimensional Coordinates: 440.890.818.633
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Are you six foot seven and looking to be the little guy for a change? Head on over to Biggest World, where you'll scurry like ants from the humans that are too tall for their own good!

Parallel History

There’s really only one theory that works, and that this is a universe that is significantly older than the majority of the ones we’ve seen so far.

What’s that, you say? Well, the universe is expanding. If you buy into the Big Bang theory, then you know that all the matter in the universe came from a point of mass indescribably small and dense.

As the universe has aged, the space between atoms has grown. Now, the space doesn’t appear to change to an observer from that universe because they are slowly expanding simultaneously at the same uniform rate. But an observer from outside the control group would instantly notice such a change.

Biggest World is a world where the space has grown as the universe has aged. It’s unknown how humans came to live on this Earth since the planet’s development would be far more advanced, but we can’t answer everything.

If you’re wondering why there just can’t simply be people hundreds of stories tall, well, the human body isn’t built that way. Study anatomy and take into consideration the square/cube law of proportions: doubling the size squares the cross-section and cubes the volume.

A world with people that big under our own ideas of relational space cannot exist, because the giants would be crushed by their own weight, but not before suffocating from the lack of oxygen intake.

Isn’t science fun?

Travel Advisory


Since you're essentially an insect on this world, do your best to avoid all things. Which pretty much means stay away.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

It weighs 27 tons and is more than a mile long. To us, at least.

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