Bobsled World

Dimensional Coordinates: 213.660.167.432
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Bored by Lotusland and Igloo World? Praying to God there was some bizarre fusion of the two? Then visit Bobsled World, where having an interest in freezing your ass off shooting down an ice tube in a frozen metal tube is hip!

Parallel History

Climatic and tectonic evidence points to a highly different Earth buried beneath the ice.

These changes have created a geology which is covered in snow and glaciers. The settlers of this region adapted as such, and their major hobbies have obviously focused on winter games.

As a result, visitors to Bobsled World should prepare for bobsledding. San Francisco alone has some of the most harrowing courses imaginable.

MultiDim is currently sending the US Olympic Team on training missions to heighten their skills for the next Winter Olympics.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

If you're going to enter a bobsled contest, make sure to plan your trip so that you finish the race before you return to Earth Prime.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Stolen by Terry Fox in 1984, it's a priceless Canadian artifact of triumph on this world.

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