Breedin’ World

Dimensional Coordinates: 215.673.005.983
Divergence Date: June 11, 1990

Women, tired of men? Then this is the world for you! Here, more than 90% of the male population has been devastated by a viral pathogen and men are interned in work camps were they help *ahem* repopulate the species. The perfect vacation spot for any woman tired of men!

Parallel History

During the Persian Gulf War, a cloud of toxic biphillic meridate was released from an Iraqi chemical plant and was intended to strike the U.S. forces stationed in Kuwait. The cloud attacked the Y chromosome in men and billions died as the particulate sample made its way around the world. Unable to re-cork their own genie, Iraq became a wasteland of women, and the only continent barely affected by the cloud, Australia, has become a super power.

The United States, in the midst of recovering from the loss of 124 million men, women set up a federal agency known as the Bureau for Re-population. The BRP is responsible for rounding up men, placing them in glorified stockades and forcing them to make love to women in the hopes of achieving pregnancy. Men in such conditions are dubbed “patriots.” Earth Prime is aware that in vitro fertilization and other gamete introduction methods would be more successful than the ol’ bump n’ grind, but since we try to experience a Prime Directive of sorts with the worlds we visit, we’ll let these folks plod along in medical obscurity for a while.

Items available for sale here include the Chia Man, Brooks Sisters clothing and Johnny Cage: Kombat Kook. Mrs. Hills Cookies are still one of the more popular delicacies around the country, although co-founder Jane Hill has taken a leave of absence to raise her son Quinn.

Check out Mexico! South of the border is a perfect place for wayward breeders (and male Sliders) to head to escape the rigors of non-stop sex, as there is no enforced breeding.

Travel Advisory


You've got a 100% chance of survival if you're a woman, 0% chance if you're a male, so it balances out. Percentages could rise in the next couple of years as young males grow into teenagers, prompting an outbreak in teenage sex — for the betterment of civilization.

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