British World

Dimensional Coordinates: 906.024.548.907
Divergence Date: 1779

Freshen yer drink, guv'nah?! Grab some tea and crumpets and enjoy your visit to the British States of America, where proper British sophistication rules over the plastic vulgarity that we embrace in America.

Parallel History

In short, the American colonies lost the Revolutionary War. In 1779, George Washington was captured and executed as a war criminal. Without the American Revolution to fuel revolutionary sentiment in other countries, France, China, Spain, Japan and Russia maintained their centuries-old aristocracies.

The North American continent is largely ruled by the British government and is separated into two large territories: the Western and Eastern Americas. Mexico is ruled by Spain, although Canada on this world is a constant battleground between the French and the Brits.

The Western America territory is governed by the sheriff; a vain, media-seeking Maximillian Arturo. The author of the bestselling book Everything I Say is Right, Arturo was removed from power during an abortive coup attempt and planned assassination of King Harold.

Visiting this world is like flying to London without the eight-hour jetlag. Annoying tabloids, market saturation of soccer as popular support, supremely cool art nouveau architecture and terrible food. Travel across the bay to Oakland and you’ll be treated to a glorious private nature reserve instead of gangland warfare and modified exhaust pipes. Beware, though; entering the glade will get you killed by either royal security or a group of brigands known as the Oakland Raiders.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

Make sure you don't drive on the wrong side of road and remember to convert your measurements to the metric system.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Never existed; without an independent United States or a Europe free of monarchy, the Austro-Hungarian Empire would never enlist the aid of New Spain in a fight against England.

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