Corporate World

Dimensional Coordinates: 613.559.251.250
Divergence Date: Unknown.

The Dotcom Era may be over here on good ol' Earth Prime, but that doesn't mean you can't work 120 hours a week! Take a spin to Corporate World, where burning out is so common they have theme parks dedicated to repairing your fractured psyche!

Parallel History

There’s no business like hard business. That seems to be the credo at Corporate World, where slick black business suits are worn like uniforms, the drink of choice is ephedrine-laced tea and work weeks are a mind-numbing 100 hours long… and that’s just for children.

It’s unknown why the pace of life here is so extreme or why there seems to be an overabundance of white-collar synergy, but people here are little more than drones. Work and sleep make up their entire life. Children work slightly less, and their reward is that they can perform as child actors in parks for people who have worked too hard and suffered psychological damage as a result.

The parks are themed and are scattered across the country. One in Los Angeles caters to those who would liked to be immersed in a Victorian mystery caper; the San Francisco park places the “fracture,” or patient, in a 1920s Chicago gang war. One, out in the countryside an hour north of New York City, is little more than a farmhouse scenario, yet it played a factor in the infamous Gates suicide, where the First Lady’s psychic committed suicide.

The “fractures” taking part in the park are usually high ranking government officials or scientists who need to clear their head. These patients are placed under hypnosis and led into the park with a new identity, which lets their real mind unwind and cool down. After a period of time, the fractures are released from their hypnosis and released back to their real life.

Sometimes fractures are so high up on the chain that their identities are cloaked by Executive Order. I doubt we’d be so special.

Travel Advisory


We're not going to stop you from coming here, but the basic tenets of this society don't make it particularly appealing. You have to wear a three-piece suit pretty much at all times. You can't get drunk. You're always in business mode. If you're lucky you go insane and they institutionalize you in a fun park. Sound like a good time to you?

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Judged to be taking up an inefficient amount of space, it was destroyed in the 80s.

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