Crucifix World

Dimensional Coordinates: 995.862.978.916
Divergence Date: Middle Ages.

Sick and tired of pathetic dinner events like Medieval Times? Intrigued by history but not enough to go to the Loom Fair? Take a peak at Crucifix World, where religion and society are just as mired in the present as they were 700 years ago!

Parallel History

The religious influences the propelled humanity through the “Dark Ages” and into modern-day society are many. Catholicism reigned as Lord over much of the Western World for centuries, with kings from old Roman provinces suckling from the Church and currying favors like a politician at an AIPAC convention.

The Church was a devastating force that inspired greed, graft and bribery at the expense of the common man. Fortunately (or not, witness the present-day Philippines or Mexico), the reach of religion has waned globally. However, here on Crucifix World, it has not.

The result? A stagnant technological advancement brought on by charges of heresy against any philosopher or inventor who dares suggest something that flies in the face of religious dogma. A docile humanity that relies on ancient feudalism for lack of a better alternative. Even though North America is thousands of miles from the reach of Rome, the people are too scared or too tired to revolt.

While North America is dotted with Western settlements, they’re small and often integrated with native settlements. San Francisco here is a village of no more than 7,000 people. Life here is hard, sanitation is non-existent and frankly, we just didn’t have much fun here. It’s likely you won’t either unless you’re an historian or Michael Crichton.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

Make sure you're inoculated against pretty much everything. Also make sure you're in reasonably fit shape, as MultiDim will deposit guests 10 miles from the nearest settlement to avoid petrifying the locals into thinking a God is sliding into their piddly village.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

No telegraph technology on this world.

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