Cryin’ Man World

Dimensional Coordinates: 262.982.489.587
Divergence Date: January 8, 1935

Catch the Crying Man's comeback tour, "I've Still Got Tears In My 'Fro!" The Crying Man is live in concert and singing all your favorite hits!

Parallel History

On January 8, 1935, Gladys Smith gave birth to Jesse and Elvis Presley. And whereas on Earth Prime Elvis’ older twin brother was stillborn, on this world he grew to become the owner of a thriving ranch along with Elvis. Thus the world was spared the warbling of the Tupelo native who would be King. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you.

Because of Elvis’ failure to steal much of the rhythm and blues legacies of the Deep South and make them marketable for a white, middle-class audience, Motown remained largely an underground black phenomena. Eventually the British Invasion hit the North American continent, but without a white audience interested in guitar-based rock n’ roll, it fizzled and died. The Beatles stayed popular in England but never garnered the attention they deserved.

In fact, it wasn’t until The Spinning Topps came on the scene that rock music became the forefront of youthful rebellion. The Topps reached overnight success, putting out hit after hit. Without the influence of disco, the R&B sensation continued throughout the 70s. Then, lead singer Rembrandt “The Cryin’ Man” Brown broke from the band and went solo under the tutelage of Captain Jack Brim.

Rembrandt’s solo career was even more lucrative than his days as front man for the Topps. He was dubbed the King of Rock and Roll, and remained at the top of the charts until his untimely death at sea.

Or so fans thought. In 1995, Rembrandt Brown resurfaced, the death a cover-up story to regain some privacy. Now on tour and recording again, Brown has reclaimed his crown in the rock industry.

Are you a fan of “Gilligan’s Island?” Don’t miss out on your chance to see Sherwood Schwartz’s vision tainted by the networks. “Skipper’s Island” features the Skipper as the bumbler, with Gilligan quite the lady’s man. Professor, look out!

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Tickets to see Rembrandt Brown are on sale via our box office for $US 70.00. Pilgrimages to his fan-built shrine in Memphis, Cryin' Land, are also available.

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