Cubs World

Dimensional Coordinates: 242.725.953.991
Divergence Date: 1991

Welcome to Harry Caray's favorite world — an Earth where the Chicago Cubs won six consecutive World Series! Take in a baseball game at Wrigley Field and watch the Cubs win another (God willing)!

Parallel History

The Cubs hadn’t won a World Series since 1908 (some things never change). However, with a strong dream team in the 1991 baseball season, the Cubs won their first World Series in 83 years and won the next 5 consecutive World Series! Cubs announcer Harry Caray is still alive and enjoys leading the crowds at Wrigley Field with a rousing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

This world is similar to Earth Prime in every respect, so take caution when you walk in the streets. Sliders are advised to use extreme caution while going to baseball games due to the frequent home runs from the Chicago Cubs. Head injuries due to baseballs have increased. There have also been several violent baseball riots following Cubs games that would rival any European soccer game.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Bought by Sammy Sosa in 1999 from the National Archives, who for some reason felt that keeping it as a part of American history wasn't as important as selling it to a baseball player from the Dominican Republic.

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