Dimensional Coordinates: 360.769.239.902
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Tired of living? Hoping that the fastest way out is to have the sun mercilessly suck every ounce of moisture from your body? Look no further than Desert World, where you can get a real bitchin' tan wandering the earth looking for a bit of water.

Parallel History

As crazy as it sounds for there to be humanoid life on a barren ball of dust, MultiDim tracked down the solution.

Arriving in a paradoxically sun-drenched San Francisco, MultiDim scientists were astonished to find all the water along the coastline to be, well, gone. Excursion in the ATV yielded no tangible explanation.

Yet there were millions of people still living somehow despite the lack of vegetation and wild game that provide sustenance. Hell, there were even internal combustion vehicles and gasoline supplies, finely cut gems and other accoutrements of civilization that made no sense in terms of development.

Were they refugees from another earth? Some kind of sliding inmates, dropped on this sun-baked hellhole to live out their life in warfare?


Curiosity got the better of us. Using a satellite launched in early 2000 that was equipped with sliding technology, we slid our celestial observer into this world for some aerial and seismological scans. What we found was impressive.

Located smack dab in the middle of the Indian subcontinent was a massive crater. Using high-resolution scans, we determined that a good-sized asteroid had hit the earth, vaporizing the oceans and most of the atmosphere. This asteroid wasn’t large enough to cause an Extinction Level Event for humanity but it came damn close. Our hypothesis was confirmed when we bartered a map of the region for a few gallons of water and found that the land masses were largely identical, just with a salty shelf tapering off from it.

Apparently, there’s an underground society out there somewhere who knew about the forthcoming calamity and hoarded enough water to create a lush tropical environment with waterfalls. These people, called Aquarians by legend, also supposedly have a midget healer in their tribe. That’s something we’d like to see.

Travel Advisory


Bring sun block, SPF 2000.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

We weren't that curious.

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