Dinosaur World

Dimensional Coordinates: 454.881.091.336
Divergence Date: 165 Million years ago.

Ever wanted to see a velociraptor tear a family member to shreds? Pitch 'em through a vortex to this world!

Parallel History

Geographical analysis of the Yucatan peninsula shows that the fabled asteroid which struck the earth and annihilated most dinosaurs with cold, dust clouds and massive seismic shifting did not occur on Dinosaur World. As a result, dinosaurs and mammals evolved side by side, and 165 million years later, humans have occupied most of the planet. Dinosaurs are endangered species living in large protected zones that are the size of cities.

The San Francisco Dinosaur Reserve is run out of San Jose and is scouted by holographic rangers who can track poachers. That’s right, poachers break into these sanctuaries and kill dinosaurs for their parts; the medical and erotic communities benefit greatly from pieces of dinosaur.

Travel Advisory


While this world isn't restricted, exercise EXTREME caution when traveling here. The dinosaurs do NOT like humans one bit.

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